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  1. XWind

    "GuNs DoNt PuSh Up"

    Agree with you. The point is...who is making the right call? Who should we listen to? Random play is like that. Too many cooks...pity the soup.. So I guess it would be good to 'coerce" players in random play to one obvious goal...like eg. if a DD caps n holds cap for say, X number of seconds, they get an AI DD as its escort....if a BB or CA does the same...it gets its escorts...that will encourage cap or goals for reinforcements. Incentives is the word.. I guess..
  2. XWind

    "GuNs DoNt PuSh Up"

    Now I am not taking sides....I see all the arguments....everyone has their own views...but I do notice one thing...I see many situations where a side actually attacks a cap together as a fleet of 5 or 6 and more often than not, they effectively pushed back and wipe out the side that send in ships into the cap one at a time. Basically, the side that sends in ships one at a time has this mentality...regardless of who is right or wrong....all can see the minimap..if u see a ship stray or u sense danger...why not hail him back? Why wait for him to sink then start calling each other names? Reason is simple....this side usually have selfish players in them..."...they die better than I die..." In the end? when dd goes down, they try to cap with their BBs lol....which they could have done so earlier... Maybe the best way is for the game to have a either a PubG style where a circle closes in on the map forcing players to close in...or have the caps generate AI ships like reinforcements for the team that holds it...like if a BB holds the cap for say 90 seconds...he gets a bot BB as reinforcement and so forth...which will charge at the enemy....that way, it will make teams work cohesively perhaps... In real naval battles, no commander would send their fleet in one at a time lol...they move together....going in solo and hanging back because of fear...well u get court martialed....basically, I observed that the side that moves in together...for right or wrong ... has a higher chance of winning...the other side? A higher chance of whinning...
  3. Time to take a page out of PubG and make the sphere smaller by the minute....solves all problems...
  4. They do? Nice...thanks man...
  5. If they allow training rooms to set 1V12 and if we can set the bots' ship types....will be awesome to see if 1 Halland can take on 12 tier 4 CVs 😨
  6. XWind

    WG on bots

    Actually, no need to ban the bots....just mark them as a special color...and allow us team mates to shoot them without penalties on us....
  7. XWind

    What happened with my WGC?

    Same thing happened to me 2 months back when my old rig was still running on windows 8....changed to new PC with windows 10 and it was alright. Do not know if its the cause though...
  8. XWind

    Why this game sucks?

    Ooops...my bad 🙊
  9. XWind

    Why this game sucks?

    Can submarines smoke?
  10. XWind

    Advice to new DD players

    Or set different goals for the RB...
  11. XWind

    Advice to new DD players

    Agree. Maybe change the playstyles for Random Battle is the way to go....
  12. XWind

    WOW WG just WOW!

    So please dun shoot me the next time we meet in battle 🤣
  13. XWind

    Advice to new DD players

    Completely remove set goals from Random Battles...no capping ..just kill the other fleet...search and destroy...or make it PUBG style of play...
  14. XWind

    Advice to new DD players

    I wonder if having submarines in the near future will resolve all these problems?
  15. XWind

    Very tired of carrying losing games

    Well, that is a small problem which the game makers should be able to resolve....to make the game more interesting.... for the thousands like us who had invested in them....right bro?