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  1. Brizone

    How do you git gud in WoWS?

    **bump** What mods do you recommend for improving my aim? I checked some aiming mods, like mobius etc. what is the best among them?
  2. Brizone

    How do you git gud in WoWS?

    I agree. I also think that I don't need to care for winrate that much when I'm relatively new to the game. It's more important to simply contribute to the team, and hope for a win. That being said, are there any mods that can help my aim (or just helpful in general)? What do you guys use?
  3. Brizone

    How do you git gud in WoWS?

    Wow thanks for all the helpful advice guys, didn't think so many would respond.. But how exactly do I search for good players to form a division with? I really want to learn from them directly instead of battle vids (and I have watched quite a number of them), perhaps it would help if there's clans and the like..
  4. Brizone

    How do you git gud in WoWS?

    But if I somewhat close the range between me and my enemies in my BB, those pesky stealthy DDs will fire the torpedoes from like 7km away (and i cannot dodge all of them, one hit and a quarter of my HP is lost!), I always angle my ship and never engage if odds are against me but why does it seems like the other side almost always gets the upper hand? RNGesus really really hates me as my ship burned rather easily and the dispersion of my shots really grinds my gears. Please don't get me started with plane attacks. As for cruisers, mine always outranged by BBs and they could just shoot me with their superior range and VERY often land one or two citadel hits! And I cannot recover my HP at all, that is what leads me to play BBs, at least they are quite survivable. I don't know about higher tier cruisers but I'm pretty much demoralized at such an early stage already. Destroyers are maybe good for me so I should try it out, already have one (Gremy) but I didn't do quite well in it. I still can try to improve though. And how do you exactly "force potato teammates to push the enemies"? Majority of players didn't speak english I assume, and many people just simply didn't want to coordinate because (imo) they think what their doing is right.. Perhaps creating a Division is the ONLY way I could enjoy this game and actually winning, but what kind of good players would want to platoon with a 46%-winrater? Right now I'm kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place because losing in this game is apparently really easy...
  5. Brizone

    How do you git gud in WoWS?

    Hello guys, I believe this is my first time starting a topic in WoWS forum.. So lets just jump straight into the question: How to improve my game in WoWS? Right now I'm doing really badly every game no matter what the ship (I won't play carrier, mainly coz i didn't like being burdened with great responsibility and of course, top-down clicking game is not really my cup of tea). On average i scored about 700 exp and deal about 20-30k damage every game. My winrate is an abysmal 46%. I tried so hard but every game I almost always face decently skilled opponents and ends up losing the firefight, get wrecked by CVs, torped by DDs, and any other things that would lead me to be killed and losing the game. I do well in World of Tanks (imo), my winrate is a stable 56% and 1000+ damage per game which is not so bad, and I want to improve my skills in this game as well. It's not like I cannot shoot or steer the ship, but even though I (think I) know the basic mechanics like concealment, angling, over pen, target selection, etc, it's very hard to deal lotsa damage and help the team in any good way. My stats are so bad I almost stopped caring about them and just enjoy my awfulness, but my pride (lol) refuses to do so. So please are there any pro players out there who are willing to help me git gud (platoon ingame), or at least give me a meaningful explanation on this topic? Thanks in advance..
  6. Brizone

    My Suggestions for WoWS

    Storms could work, hell, I could get it to run on BSP with both full storms, rains, and sea wake effects, on medium-high graphic. And my computer (which is a laptop) is a 2010 ASUS with old tech procie and graphics card. And it's still quite a nice addition to the ship arsenal. Mitsubishi made seaplane version of Zeke fully capable of engaging fighters (with twin 20 mm's and twin 7.7 mm's) with only a bit less agility compared to the normal Zeke. Also the M6A Seiran. I guess you're right, subs travels so slow in water that they only good for engaging merchants and supply ships. But some subs are capable of sinking flagships (see Taiho and Shimano, and HMS Barham). They might perform on occasions.. Even though you might think it's both team's fault for screwing up. Some occasions is just purely the game's fault (bad matchmaking, bad ship placement by matchmaker, map so full of islands, etc.). And at the end of that 20 mins (?) mostly either ours or enemy's team is VERY close to victory, by either almost capping the base or almost sinking the last ship. The cost for a draw is that we only get roughly HALF the exp compared to winning. which is a bummer.. Of course we need experience to score a hit on enemy ships at long range, I'll agree on that, but some things are downright [almost] impossible to perform. If you think a Yamato user should get close to the enemy front line just to score a hit, while risking being spotted (with the horrendous silhouette) and being graped and bombed to death, then they better be stopping at tier 8 where everything still makes sense. Well, then add the ability for scouts to deploy a "flare" bomb capable of lighting up an area, or just nerf the visual range of the DD themselves. Either way, it's workaround-able.
  7. Brizone

    My Suggestions for WoWS

    Hello fellow sailors! this is my first time posting on the WoWS forum OK I've been anticipating this game ever since.. well beyond 2010, where i first played an online, 2D, top-down-view warship game *cough*. This game has almost all the feature that game didn't has. Most notably the MUCH improved graphics and of course, 3D. However, this game still left many things which could make it the best warship MMO game ever (obviously since it's still closed beta). And no, I'm not talking about removing health bars. Here comes my suggestions for WoWS, do note that some of the suggestions might have already be mentioned by someone, in that case i beg for forgiveness DYNAMIC WEATHER (OR JUST WEATHER :\) Rain, Thunderstorms, Lightnings, Fogs, and especially Stormy Seas, all adds to more authentic naval battle experience. There's nothing more satisfying than watching your warship shakes, facing incoming violent wakes as it engages incoming hostile ships. Changing weather is also a nice thing to have, but most low-end computers probably won't be able to take it.. Too many people are against this idea . I think it won't affect FPS that much, as most recent PCs or even notebooks can handle it pretty well at medium graphics, and as for connection, a 512 kbps wired connection, or a 4G WiFi which is pretty common nowadays could probably take it. But let's scratch that off for now until devs could configure a better coding.. CONTROLS FOR SCOUTS Scouts are meant for one thing, to scout enemy formations or spot incoming airplanes. Now we all get grade F clueless scouts with a weird hobby to circle around your ships randomly and not listening to captain's orders. Please enable controls for our scouts. NIGHT-TIME BATTLES Some engagements back in WW2 do occurs in nighttime. Take example of night raids done by the Luftwaffe, or even better, the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor was prepared in the night, and launched in the early morning. On nighttime battles, ships and airplanes have reduced visibility to make attacks have surprises on its factor, and to make engagements more challenging. HYBRID SHIPS Hybrid ships, such as Ooyodo CV, Ise CV, Seydlitz CV, Furious CV, are [prototype] ships with both big guns and attack planes. Seems overpowered? They requires a lot of multi-tasking only a handful of people are able to perform, cause even though they have bombers, they are in limited quantity, and they also have reduced number of main batteries which only could do full broadside at odd angles. These ships adds dynamism to the game and are a nice thing to have. ADD SUBMARINES TO THE GAME Many people immediately scratch this idea. Submarines might not be as OP as you might think. We already have destroyers which is capable of sonar detection and launching depth chargers, so submarine role is pretty much limited for the sinking of enemy flagships and carriers. And even then I'm not so sure if they could carry out that role :\ Played Silent Hunter games several years back and noticed subs were intended for independent operations.. SHIP CUSTOMIZATION This is a nice feature to have and should be implemented, some ships back in WW2 have had the same hull, but different armament and armor configuration for different purposes (For example, Yamato in her early 1941 configuration and late 1945 configuration with decreased secondary battery and increased AA firepower). Some destroyers back then have had their main armament replaced with hedgehogs ASW for engaging subs. HIDE HEALTH BARS FROM ENEMIES And replace them with visual, observable damage. The reason being, to add realism *cough* to the game and to reduce the "kill-steal" or "aiming for the final hit" phenomenon (also quite possibly teh prevention of getting graped ) that occurs almost every time especially with those pesky rapid-fire cruisers on my BB (and any other ships for that matter). ABILITY TO NAME OUR SHIPS Adds a sense of ownership to our... ships. A-anyway, also a nice thing to have! ADD THE AMOUNT OF REWARDS AFTER BATTLE This game has a lot, lot longer battle duration compared to World of Tanks or World of Warplanes. And on some of those battles we simply almost didn't do anything due to either bad luck, bad route planning (especially BBs), bad team coordination etc etc. Increasing rewards after battle a bit will certainly bring tears of joy especially to some of us who just didn't have that much free time (college boys unite!). INCREASE "STANDARD BATTLE" DURATION Let's just be honest here. All of our draws are the result of the shooort duration for standard battle in random battles. That 15 minutes is just not enough considering the size of the map and the sluggishness of our ships. We all know destroyers can take points and capture bases easily with its speed, maneuverability, and of course the dreaded smoke screen. We also know that they don't last that long well, at least most of them anyways. Increasing the battle duration to 20 minutes wouldn't hurt, when it works in tandem with the reward increase. The team needs to increase the aggro it seems.. REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF ISLANDS ON SOME MAPS As a BB user, i feel the island on some maps is just overwhelming (damn you Islands of Ice T.,T), it hinders the movement of the ultra-sluggish BBs (even with the rudder upgrade it's still not helping). some islands are also too tall, that the cruisers become OP and could sneak on you and fire a massive, rapid-fire broadside which guarantees you'll get burned to death, unless, by some kind of divine intervention, you could land a citadel hit and detonate them. INCREASE MUZZLE VELOCITY A BIT Especially on large-caliber guns capable of travelling over 18 km. Seriously I've almost never hit anything beyond that (the furthest hit I've scored is a single, 19.28 km hit on a BB IIRC). The ships movement are just too unpredictable, and nobody keeps travelling on a straight line. I know large guns were never meant to engage destroyers that far, but we should be able to hit, or land close hits on cruisers and battleships. I mean, WW2 ship battles were performed mostly at 18+ km range (see Battle of Denmark Strait) so increasing the muzzle velocity a bit won't break the game, right? I'm not an Alpha player so i didn't know shells would take 30 seconds to travel 10 km... dayum. IMPROVE MATCHMAKING This. Almost every game I've lost is due to the enemy team have more CVs or BBs, or more powerful CAs than ours. This could be fixed by just classifying the ships of the same type and tier (no matter what nation), or at least close to it. I know we're still short on players for it to be balanced, but at least that small amount of players can have a good time . I'm sure the devs would work this around in the future :\ DISABLE TROLL DIVISIONS A tier 10 Yamato pairs up with a tier 1 Katori. Makes sense? These kind of divisions shouldn't be able to join any game.. NERF TORPEDO BOMBERS And buff dive bombers a bit. Seriously, a fire initiated by dive bombers could be put out rather easily by a repair team (even more so when your commander is skilled enough) and that is, IF they managed to hit (I've been in games where my CL is dive bombed with all bombs fell into the ocean, and i didn't even move!), whereas torpedo bombers "bombs" always hurts freaking bad, no matter your commander skill or your repair team readiness, and no matter how tough your ships are. UNIQUE SHIPYARD FOR EACH NATION Not exactly my original idea, but a nice thing to have. No need to be overly detailed, just a simple shipyard for each nation will do (US Navy in Pearl Harbor, Kriegsmarine in Hamburg, IJN in Kure, for example). DISABLE AIM-ASSIST MODS Yeah, I've seen this mods online. Really ruins the point of maneuvering. Why not disable the mods for the targetting altogether? And limit the mods to ship skins and scopes only? Didn't know it was disabled three patches ago, thx Syanda. FIX COLORADO This specific ship is broken alright. Weaker armor and Lower combat capability than New Mexico, Guns which have bad spread coupled with its small numbers, quite the large silhouette, can't even stand on equal ground with Nagato. Hell, I've lost a broadside duel with a Kongo (yes, she landed TWO CITADEL HITS and destroyed one of my turret), but the thing i fear the most, is Cleveland, with its fire-making capability on my deck. Either move this thing down a tier, or have her combat capability buffed.. whatever, just don't leave her to rot . DON'T SPLIT SHIPS IN DIVISIONS TOO FAR OUT (added) It happens many times, me and my division mate gets split up by the stupid matchmaker, and not just by bit, on Encounter Battles we literally being split across the damned map, and even on Standard Battles or Domination we often gets split up almost every. friggin'. time. HISTORICAL BATTLES (thanks Windforce!) Yes this is also a very nice thing to have. The invasion of Iwo Jima, Denmark Strait, Guadalcanal, etc. were some of the greatest naval battles in history and we don't mind having them . Please feel free to add constructive criticism, or even add your own suggestions! Let's improve this game