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  1. Tanzer

    Just a rant

    Cool story Sis.
  2. Tanzer

    Where is HMAS Perth

    It kicks ass over the Leander, thats the trooth.
  3. You and that Loltraktor... Yeah doing good mate - but no more WoT for me.
  4. Spawnster - worst seal clubber of all time. All the dreadful, all of it.
  5. Tanzer

    What ship you want to see in WOWS?

    I'd like to see the Essex-class "Bonhomme Richard". The "Friendly Dick", as it was popularly referred to, was the meaty pride of the salty seamen who served upon it. I'd love to see it in game. Tanz
  6. Tanzer

    Where is HMAS Perth

    Got it. Like it. Much fire.
  7. Tanzer

    Where is HMAS Perth

    Sooner the better. Been looking forward to this for a long while.
  8. Tanzer

    the USS Laffey (DD-459)

    +1 again - thanks!
  9. Tanzer

    the Alaska class cruiser

    By far the best post on ships on this server yet. I can only give one +1 - but if I could I would give them all to you, each day. Thanks.
  10. Tanzer

    world of warship has crashed....

    Glad to hear it!
  11. Tanzer

    world of warship has crashed....

    ...Not helpful, I know.
  12. Good post +1 BB shell spread from the same turret is, well, it feels wrong. If all guns in a particular turret are properly laid on a target, they should have a pretty decent chance of landing. Rather than see one strike and the other fly off into nether-nether. It seems as though - say for example a twin gun turret - your lay is the average of the two, in terms of elevation. Know what I mean?
  13. ^^^ this. Do this, you'll get it resolved. Be cool.
  14. Tanzer

    Rainbow smoke

    Pony's have infested your res_mods folder. I recommend a gentle cleansing with greek fire, a vigorous flensing with a vorpal blade finished with a liberal flogging of thineself with a lubricated towel. I do like the oil-slick that appears when your barky sinks however - neat FX.
  15. Tanzer

    world of warship has crashed....

    There was a patch came out today. Something computery - perhaps - did not go your way. Reinstall the client. Hopefully, things will be compliant. And all your problems may just go away.