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  1. Matchmaker still broken

    Try fixing yourself first.
  2. Philippines WoWs Community

    Can I join too? On a side note, I'm jacking the thread to promote this: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/23566-ph-clan-leaders-gathering/ Any and all members of a WoWS clan are welcome to join although we limit it to 1 representative per clan (including its sub-clans).
  3. Service Levels for Support

    I'm up for that too bad I'm not the person you are looking for though.
  4. Contest Discussion

    You need to craft one.
  5. Contest Discussion

    It's just the start of even longer contest periods. I hope everyone will understand if it takes long to compile results as I need to double, triple, even quadruple check the results this time to avoid the problem with rewarding like last December's event.
  6. Target specific player

    actually you're helping them test armour LOL
  7. Contest Discussion

    Results are to be posted in their respective threads. Do take note of the event time frame. Only those within the said time and dates are eligible. On a side note, I am still thinking if division contests are worth it as I see people work still move individually and there's no group achievement (like BiA, CC in WoT) for divisions yet.
  8. Contest Suggestions

    Should I cook something up for April Fools?
  9. Contest Suggestions

    April Hmmm... Though I don't want everyone to be out just to KS for free stuff.
  10. Contest Suggestions

    February March I wouldn't really want to promote messing up the MM into something worse than it already is for mid-tiers and other players
  11. Forum Rank/Title Giveaway! Limited Only

    Official Panpakapan