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  1. Cost of modules is a huge pain, let's be real. XP Grind? Not so much. It's only been a week or two since the CBT wipe, so don't expect to get a tier 10 by tonight.
  2. Karias

    Blue line cheats

    I reckon having the blue line deal small ticking damage (allied ship collision) might not be enough. The blue line creates this "illusion" of their speed and distance, and don't mention torps, shells are hard to hit even at close ranges. Honestly I'd love to have them run aground at the blue line instead, because small ticking damage is still pointless compared to everyone being unable to hit them in the first place. Large ticking damage is too impactful, especially if new players or idiots tunnelling their vision accidentally touches the blue line while in combat.
  3. Karias

    "Counter Balance" of CV's

    Well, throughout all of the games I've played I've never found the CV OP, but I do find some traits of it irritatingly disturbing. A good CV player is an absolute monster in the face of his enemy. First, they take out your team's CV, then they manual drop those torps so damn accurate there's no way to turn in time/before (cause you know, they circle the planes around until they get a Crossing T). The only time I felt safer against these CVs are in the CLs (namely Cleveland) or in a DD. Either you take out the planes or you dodge like a ninja, and both can't be done properly on a CA or a BB. CVs are NOT OP, but manual drop + good CV players can create the illusion of that.
  4. Karias

    Possible mods for WoWs

    Honestly I just want some good sound mods to replace those bell sounds when you change direction/change speeds. Would be good to hear it replaced with something like "ENGINES TO FULL" and maybe "HARD TO PORT/STARBOARD".
  5. Karias

    Advance Destroyer plays

    Good to know, and bad to know, cause I'm sure many DD players have been rekt by that countless times while escaping/charging enemy forces.
  6. Karias

    Anyone experiencing Long-range hitting lag?

    I believe this isn't just an issue with lag. It's probably a glitch resulting from server calculations differing from client calculations. Also, anyone with a stable ping like mine (10ms-20ms) and still getting this sort of rubberbanding delay where ships teleport inch by inch at long distances(10km+)?
  7. Karias

    Advance Destroyer plays

    Smoke is surprisingly devious in saying that "it conceals your ships" when that isn't the case especially when you're in detectability range. Let's say you turn on the smokescreen, you now have 2 choices: continue smooth sailing and risk getting detected again and again popping in and out of the smoke OR you stay absolutely still and wait till the prey comes within point blank torpedo range. Both brings you at a huge disadvantage. Should you get swarmed in the smoke screen, you're as good as dead. Should you tack to port and starboard trying to get closer to the enemy and face their main cannons, you're pretty much risking an all or nothing, not to mention that any CA or CL or BB can easily 1 shot a DD at close range.
  8. Karias

    Advance Destroyer plays

    It's our lovely Mutsuki and Minekaze, my dear. I just teched up to a Hatsu-Haru Class, and it feels even worse than a total ripoff. A Mutsuki-Class DD had a much more stealthy detection radius compared to the hell of a Hatsu-Haru Class. Though the Hatsu-Haru has twin cannons per turret this is hardly effective when it take too damned long to rotate those slow ass guns. Torpedo damage increased by 900 as compared to a Mutsuki; which IMO is really stupid since almost any ship other than a DD in that Tier can easily take up to 3 Torpedoes. Here's my call. DDs at Tier 6 ~ Tier 8 need a good buff. Tier 9 and 10 can be left out cause of the 20k damage Quads and Quints they have. Other than that I am sorely disappointed in my decision to grind DDs, but I guess I'll pull through all the way.
  9. You can also press Z to follow your last fired weapon, torpedoes or cannon shells.
  10. Karias

    Over Power Torpode 1 Hit Destroy Battleship

    Please, people have been 1 shotted by CANNONS and they're in tier V and VI cruisers. Cannon salvos with AP + critical hit and plunging fire is almost as OP as shimakaze's torps.
  11. Karias

    Remove aim assist for torpedoes

    I don't see how the Mutsuki class needs to be affected by this "balance" when I can't even destroy a BB with 2 salvos of 3 torpedos.
  12. Karias

    Remove aim assist for torpedoes

    Honestly speaking the only problematic DDs are at Tier V and below. They have nonsense reload times on the torps (like what, 30 seconds per salvo?) but when I tech up to Tier VI and above, there is suddenly a massively long 1 minute and 40 seconds torpedo reload time for a salvo.
  13. Karias

    There goes my CBT

    Just entered CBT. Good luck fellow admirals!
  14. Karias

    There goes my CBT

    TBH I don't see much diff in discussing the anime or the game, but you make a point.
  15. Karias

    There goes my CBT

    Well we do have a dedicated KanColle thread here anyways~