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  1. Skeeter

    why do you play

    Thanks for the feedback guys, will try to keep that in mind. Some days I love this game - others days I want to delete it from my PC! I just look at this game tactically with my naval background and this is my problem; I still think of this as a simulator more than a 'move-and-shoot" "game". The stupidity of play that revolves around island tag, or carrier domination, which is a whole new conversation; drives me nuts; most of all; this hiding behind islands because I want to protect my stats attitude. I wish they would just trash the damned stats! Most players could care less if the "team" loses, just so long as they are not sunk. 8-)
  2. Skeeter

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    I could not agree more with Burnt_Out_Koalas
  3. Skeeter

    why do you play

    I just do not see what the strategy and "ship handling tactics" are to simply park behind an island and lob shells at some poor fool (me) who is prior Navy and served on one of the ships in the game; and was hoping this would be closer to a simulator than a mindless game of "tank battles at sea". Tanks hide behind mountains and buildings, ships behind islands. The teams are random and half the team cannot speak the language of the other half. Request for support, smoke or to move in a direction go with no reply or with a "FukU"... I love the graphics and play for the love of Navy and naval history, but after 3-4 games in an evening, I have to detox for some time; sometimes a week, sometimes months! I get so annoyed at the mindless, gutless play that goes on; with what seems like mostly 15 year-olds who are playing for stats to "impress their girlfriend or put it on their resume for a job application?" These guys will do nothing that might result in their ship getting some paint scratch off! They will not help a mate in trouble, all they can do is call everyone else a noob or a moron - while they hide behind islands and useless to the team. Sorry mate, tactics and complexity of this game are almost nil...it is just every man for himself, and woe to the poor slob in a DD facing two CVs and radar equipped ships. He may as well just go park in a friendly corner and wait for the losses of the other side to exceed 60% or more before doing something as passive as capping an area or spotting - and God forbid engaging in combat while a CV is still in play!
  4. Skeeter

    Choosing Battles

    I quit playing carriers months ago - I was trying to learn and simply got tired of every game lost being blamed on whoever the CV player was. Months later, it is obvious the CV planes have gone through many changes - rockets, bombs, torpedoes - and rockets never miss..? What's up with that??? I have gotten to the point now that if I am playing a DD in a two CV game, I may as well go to the farthest corner of the map on the friendly side and just sit. Planes everywhere,looking to rocket helpless DDs. In every game I have played this week in a DD with 2 CVs; I am pounded into oblivion within a minute after the game starts - being rocketed multiple times while trying to spot/CAP; and the rockets never miss - I have 80%+ damage by the time the first ship fires at me after a/c spot me...add to this and ships that have RADAR, and even smoke is useless... I just simple refuse to play in a DD against 2 CVs. There is no joy or fun simply running for my life, hoping not to be the first casualty on my team. Solution - why not let players have the option to choose a battle with more than 1 CV; better yet, no CV. CVs literally own the game; combatants can do little but spend the entire game running from bombs, rockets, air dropped torpedoes; and God help the team whose CV player(s) have no fighters or are trying to still figure out how to play CVs... I refuse to be a helpless target as a DD player anymore...
  5. I get more dups than anything else....8 crates yesterday, 6 dups - standard draw for me.
  6. Skeeter

    Vive la France Collection

    In my last dozen crates or so, I got 8 dups...too bad 3-4 dupes cannot be collected at traded for a card that is needed.... But I understand, this game IS a business and the developers/owners need to make money, so this is an incentive to spend.
  7. Skeeter

    Lexington tactics

    Thanks so much!! I will try this a few times on co-op to get the feel, then move back to the random battles once I got the feel of it. I have never minded the losses - I just hate no being able to defend the fleet better once my single FT got locked up in a dogfight. One of the YouTube plays on LEX, the player kept his attack planes together. That was fine for the old attack CV load out, but not so good with the new mod. Much appreciated!!
  8. Skeeter

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    Ticking off anyone was not the intention of my post, which is why I made my comment in a very general way, so I apologize to anyone who was insulted. I did not mention any specific players names, which I easily could have. I said in general what I have experienced from arrogant players, so unless you fall into the category in the way I stated it, you really have no reasons to be ticked. Quite frankly, I was surprised how thin-skinned some people can be on such a general statement in a gaming forum! One would think I called them out by name and address. You are the first player who's stats I have ever looked at. I found it comically hypocritical that while you have not played a single game with the LEX, you lectured me about my LEX stats? Since you have never played LEX then you cannot know the the challenges it poses when up against the Enterprise and Shokaku, especially after the recent changes that limit the air mods; so you really have have no credibility to patronize me on that topic. As for other ships types, your comment is not correct - my game play has been improving according to the charts - these stats and charts are something I never knew existed until a few days ago. They are interesting, but to use them as some kind of bragging rights or bashing others, is simply arrogant. If someone is that good, then they should be graciously be offering tips to others who stats are not so great - not lecturing them. My desire to improve my play with the Lexington is exactly what brought me to these forums - I want to improve and am looking for tips and strategy here and YouTube, particularly with the LEX. In another area of the forums, you can find my question asking how to improve LEX play specifically vs Enterprise and Shokaku, as the LEX sqdns are outnumber 2:1 in each plane type. So I encourage you to play LEX against ENT or SHO, then come back and tell me how you did. I am all ears if you have some first hand knowledge about how I can improve with playing the LEX against either LEX or SHO since that the opposition most of the time. I stand by my earlier comment, had you bothered to read it carefully, that naval combat is dynamic. Naval combat in a game of even this level should not be as playing a ground combat in the ocean, and using islands the same as ground combat uses hiding in trenches and behind walls. I know this is not a "naval war college combat simulator"; and I never said I expected it to be; but I do expect a naval combat game to have the dynamics of ship-to-ship combat. What I see more and more recently are the players with cruisers just sail their CGs up behind an island, sit there and lobs shells- hiding to reload, and coming out to "peak and shoot". That is simply tank vs tank combat, one guy in an open field, the other guy behind a building; not dynamic naval ship combat. Where is the dynamism of naval combat in that? How much thinking does doing something like that require? One may as well play World of Tanks, where hiding behind a building or hill is realistic and conducive to land combat. What good does all the mathematics and physics that go into this games play of artillery, armor, shell type, ship design, etc., mean when one can simply load HE, hide behind an island and lob shells? It all almost becomes moot. So I get it, this is a "game"; but this is a game of the naval combat genre. As I said already, I will take the game, the things I like and don't like, and enjoy it. Now that I have discovered these forums, I will ask questions and make comments. You are free to disagree or take exception with what I write. You want to say I am poor at this game and post my stats, fine, if that makes you feel superior for the day, then I am happy to oblige But how about offering some tips to improve my play, rather than criticism wrapped in arrogant smugness? The help and tips of the forum are why I am here - and you have offered neither. Playing co-op is not the solution for improving play. Brain dead bots hardly compete with playing against humans, except when those humans hide behind an island, then they are just as brain dead as a bot! I came to these forums because I want to improve, and this thread about stat bashing attracted me here because I have already had unpleasant experiences with it myself from arrogant players. You can criticize my play, my stats and my comments all you want, but you lay off the personal attacks on me until you know who and what at the hell you are talking about! You said a mouthful about me as a person, throwing out personal insults, rather than general comments. You know nothing about me, so drop the youthful intemperance, foolishness and ad hominem.
  9. Skeeter

    Lexington tactics

    I know the LEX (Any CV for that matter.) main job is to protect the fleet against opposing TP first, attack opposing DD's secondly; but how does that happen once my single FT sqdn gets locked up with the ENT or SHO FTs; leaving the ENT one FT group (SHO still has two FT groups) free to massacre my TP - usually leaving my one DB to search in vain for a DD to attack;, Since my FT is locked up, my FT cannot protect against incoming TP/DB attacks. I can try to avoid the dogfight, but then I simply spend the entire game running from his FT. I also do not understand how my LEX F4U Corsairs cannot catch Japanese torpedo planes..? The F4U was one of the fastest fighters in the PTO, definitely able to catch any DB or TP the Japanese had! I'm still looking to hear from someone who has had success in play LEX against ENT and SHO and can give me some tips.... Anyone....? Anyone....?
  10. Skeeter

    Lexington tactics

    There really is no way for LEX to win vs Enterprise. The game I just played is the perfect example...a carbon copy of every game I play against ENT, and to a lesser extent, the SHO. The ENT player keeps one of his two FT groups with his two TP groups; with that, he locks up my single FT group in a dogfight that is trying to protect the fleet from the FT attacks, and the ENT TPs go on unscathed to their targets. Of course, I loose the dogfight. Meanwhile, the other ENT FT group can keep back to protect his fleet against my single TP...meanwhile, the suface fleet guys are screaming, "CV..?", "CV..?", "What the hell is the CV doing?".... In the end, any team finding itself in a game where it is the LEX vs ENT, the LEX side starts with a huge disadvantage. Anytime a game starts and I see I am opposing the ENT, I just want to quit the game (Of course, I never do that, but I want to.); I know it will be a lesson utter futility. I will shoot down maybe 5 planes if I am lucky, and get on perhaps one attack - all my planes are obliterated before the game is 50% done, and I CV is nothing but a target - no airplanes. I do tend to use my empty DB for scouting - any that survive the attack, but the ENT FTs can quickly overtake them. The ENT has just an overwhelming advantage over the LEX. IMHO, after months of playing the LEX and getting my a** beat in almost every game when it is up against the ENT or SHO, I can only conclude it has no business being a Tier VIII CV, or the ENT should be Tier IX.
  11. Skeeter

    play CV or DD? Ultimate Power vs Fun?

    LOL...!! So I am not the only one that has happened to....
  12. Skeeter

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    Ah, ok... No, I play the Cleveland as fleet air defense when up against a carrier; otherwise, I use it to keep DDs away primarily, then to light up anything else on fire that I can.
  13. Skeeter

    Lexington tactics

    Gents, thanks for all the feedback!
  14. Skeeter

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    Yep, and thanks for the reply! I am motivated to improve - not a problem, not because some clown thinks I am a poor player, but because I want to improve to increase my competitiveness. I do not need some "no-life" amateur gamer to motivate me. (For example, I have posted another note inquiring about tactics for using Lexington against Enterprise and Shokaku...an almost hopeless situation for the LEX player!) And yes, I know this is no naval battle simulator, but I do expect a degree of realism. Being on a Cleveland class cruiser when I was in the Navy (Many moons ago!) I appreciate the subtleties between the classes and in AA and AS capabilities and missions; but the island sniping makes those subtleties moot. In many games, I understand sacrificing realism for "game play", but in this case, I do not see the point. What is the value to game play of hiding behind an island and just lobbing shells? The element of naval warfare is why naval and air warfare so different and much more difficult than army combat - with very few exceptions (clouds, squalls and fog.), there is no place to hide. Only buy thinking through and implementing superior tactics, working together as team to the strengths of the unit(s) and against the weakness of an opponent and being able to anticipate what the opponent will do, is how the conflict is won. That element one of the major ideas that attracted me to WoWS over other games, is the fact that people could not "hide", and just "spam-shoot" me hoping to get a lucky shot. Island sniping reduces WoWS to nothing more than WOT in ships. There used to be an open ocean map...that was my favorite - I am sad to see it removed. IMHO, that was the only map that made WoWS be not so arcade like. Anyway, I still enjoy the game; like a wife, there is no perfect game, just some are a little better than others! (Don't tell my wife I said that, though!!) 8- )
  15. Skeeter

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    I have no idea what you mean by "kiting cruiser"...