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    A lot of problems

    Firstly, my problem is that I take about on average 2-3 minutes to enter every game. It was fine during 2 patches ago but with the new patch it slowly getting worse and worse. Just had to wait 5 minutes to enter my last game and couldn't do anything in the game. == Secondly, I don;t know if it's just me but whenever I play my mogami, the AA doens't seem to be working. It only uses one AA gun to shoot instead of utilizing all of them. It has been an on-going issue that I had with the ship since the new patch. Thirdly, I have this problem where my guns are all locked on the target but doens't want to fire. It doesn't happen a lot but it's very annoying whenever you're in combat and you can't fire. Fourthly, I have had some problem getting stuck when I steer the ship too close to the islands but I have not collided with the island. SOMEONE HELP ME! It's really ruining the game experience. D: