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  1. csoo54

    Des moines butt stuck on island.

    it's 5 minutes into the replay. couldn't miss it
  2. csoo54

    Des moines butt stuck on island.

    suggest wg just don't model the rudder pls. or make it not collide with island. tq -love again, bep
  3. Map is Hotspot. DM butt always stuck on island. Just this time was extra bad. Please fix tq -love, bep 20190212_200731_PASC020-Des-Moines-1948_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  4. csoo54

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    Independence : 3109exp
  5. csoo54

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    Missouri : 2553exp -sry nep Edinburgh : 2657exp Independence : 2363exp Nagato : 2072exp Yorck : 2052exp
  6. csoo54

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    poi still gud: 2258exp
  7. csoo54

    [LEAK] Leaky Boats

    @Safiuddin97 Can I join LEAK? Wanna join a clan with at least some Malaysians in it.
  8. csoo54

    Balance radar pls

    I'm just pointing out that in this particular game, my team had only 1 radar and literally half the enemy team has radar which made it impossible for us DDs to cap. That's the problem. Why is this turning into a balance discussion on CV and whatnot. Dear WG, this game is not perfect and it never will be I know, at least fix this aspect about the MM.
  9. csoo54

    Balance radar pls

    In domination mode(better with radar), an island filled map(better with radar and baltimores) and random battles.. I'd value personal carry potential rather than hoping the team not being bad.. yes bad MM, bad game, this game isn't perfect.
  10. csoo54

    Balance radar pls

    right. random battles.. what should i expect.. @kentanghalla I'm not complaining about radar. It's the matchmaking that's retarded. Radar works fine as a balancer for high tier cruiser imo. As long as both team has the ability to take advantage of it fairly. Radar is a counter for smoke and hidden destroyers, but the only counter for radar is being aware of where the radar ships are. That's impossible to do in this game because literally half the enemy ships have them. That's retarded matchmaking. Again, not complaining about radars being OP. Should've been clear in the title. "Balance radar mm pls". Sorry about that. @MikuChrome Yeah mirror MM isn't gonna completely fix it. But literally half the enemy team has radar and the 1 Atlanta on my team. That's a bad game.
  11. csoo54

    Balance radar pls

    Let's count the number of radars! Don't forget the battleships! mm: huuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr-ddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE So it's 1 radar on my team and 6 on the enemy.. This was fun. Of course it was the Missouri radar that killed me.
  12. csoo54

    How much win rate is good enough?

    I played around 6000 games and never paid WG a single cent doing it. No premium time no premium ships, well except for CBT Yuubari but that's CBT. All 6000 games I played solo and I still manage to keep a 55% winrate. If you can do that which is basically what feels like carrying 1 in 10 games, and playing good in all the rest, you're already better than 90% of the playerbase. It's really not that hard. Just keep playing good, keep getting better and have fun.
  13. csoo54

    New concealment mechanic