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  1. yangdup


    stats are stats buddy i got the maths
  2. yangdup


    BUT... the most annoying part of the 1 VS 1 with the ZAO was he was bloody flat broad side and i did like 7000 damage only
  3. yangdup


    It is really annoying when a ZAO is yoloing toward you to torp from point blank range and all you can do is either bounce or overpen (got 7 overpen ). I honestly think BBs are really useless they are really dependent on the RNG either good roll or not, all you can control is the position to have a good influence in the BB which in the end depends on the RNG too. Before it used too be like a food chain the BBs destroy cruisers and the cruisers destroy DDs , but now even the cruisers have a proper advantage and DDs can easily kill you. AND just to prove i am not wrong me and my best friend played in 5 tiers starting from kongo ,new mexico , Corolado, Amagi and Izumo each of them we played 16 battles. ( yea the NO. of trials are less ) Our average was 57% win ( Also remember not all games were favourable we were up tiered too) damage 70,000 exp 1175 and here is what we found out of all battles our BBs survival was a mier 37% the outlier was Kongo with 52% survival ( kongo is tier 5 and a good ship and not much ships that can do good harm ) out 80 battles we survived 47 battles only out of the 33 time we died 20 by fire 8 by flood and 5 time only by either shells or CV ( also the ones where a fire is going to kill me but some dude take a KS is counted BTW) so all in all we found out that RNG is a really big part of BB's life , now i am not saying to make BBs invincible but its not fun when you play BBs do everything right but the game does not reward you instead you take a butt-tone of torps. JUST FIX SOME STUFF (LIKE IZUMO Pls) . :)
  4. yangdup

    Sorry but going to rant

    So i had this match were the MM screwed up so bad, i was in the IZUMO in a tier 9 battle and the ship line ups were so bad, each of us had 2 DDs each but they had a benson and a kegaro while we had a kegaro and mahan , they tried to cap but... they just couldn't also because they had a belfast , mogamis whilst we had arp myokos and atago. the BBs were quite equal well they had a fedrick de grosser and missouri and my team a izumi and a izumo . did 189 k damage 4 kills and loss cause our team just could not cap.
  5. you have lost some of you're chromosomes ?? or you kidding ??
  6. yangdup

    when you're too early

    wow Nonconstructive thread, thread closed, user warned. ~lengxv6
  7. yangdup

    Inventory for mac

    I did write a complain on this but i was told that help will be coming in the future and still no change, can't excess the inventory , but at least there is a website for clans, do something like that for inventory too pls .
  8. yangdup


    Ahh... that day tho
  9. yangdup


    so i was in my fiji and was pushing with the dd (mahan) toward a cap then suddenly a siratsuyu and a atlanta appeared the mahan used his smoke but got shot by the atlanta so his engine was crippled and then i used my hydro to spot the torps the mahan for sure was going to hit the torps , cause of his crippled engine, so i charged forwards and rammed pushed him so we both successful avoided the torps, the atlanta now as behind the island but shot me with a AP salvo did around 6000 damage but his friend in the pensacola shot me HE clearly HE and killed me in a shot, that was 22k damage in one HE slavo, i guess he got citadel with HE ?? , and yes its clearly HE cause the atlanta shot AP and was silver in colour then he shot and was orange . Also no its not detonation.
  10. yangdup

    supercontainer bug

    well i got 4 smoke generator 1 in 2 days
  11. yangdup

    supercontainer bug

    hey guys my super container is bugging out, first of all i keep getting super container for 2 days and its all only smoke generator modification 1.
  12. I love playing this game, but this battle made me quit playing for a while. so i was in my zuiho, and i had a cv mate in my team in a hosho, the first minute was fine, then their cv started to attack my BBs so i took my fighters (the 5 squadron one ) and the enemy CV ; had a tier 5 4 squadron fighters, so i knew i can win the duel, but no my other CV shall strafe the fighter kill all my fighters too not once but twice (first time taking 3 planes, second strafe 2 planes ) . so i got piss off and told him "why" and thats all i said. so i carried on then i was about to torp the enemy BBs when a enemy fighter appeared and yep my good friend came to the rescue again strafing the all my top bombers miles away from the enemy fighters, at this point even the enemy cv was confused and was laughing his ass off . so all i said was report the hosho pls for poor play of course, and no surprise we lost but the weird part was i was reported 9 times, for what ??
  13. yangdup

    MAC inventory

  14. yangdup

    MAC inventory

    WG please do something about the inventory we mac users can't access it. even the clan portal. thx