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  1. Marcion

    Server temporarily down

    ah no wonder I cant login , I was middle waiting battle match than sudden dc, I ' m very afraid of being label of AKF, since I was getting warning letter because of land of fire map crash last time
  2. Marcion

    Another event that ruins normal play

    I don't see any problem with this event, but last time 1st ARP event out I'm full of rant because it too focus to only sunk specific type of ship. now I can just do damage or sunk any type of ship.
  3. Marcion

    Give CV's more XP for plane kills

    you should suggest give CV's more XP for enemy plane killing, killing allied plane should get penalty (for these who use special skill fighter plane when do killing enemy plane also kill the allied plane which near or too late to run away from getting in line of fire.)
  4. Marcion

    Submarine work?

    wish there a mod of 404-I submarine
  5. Marcion

    Land of Fire map crash fixing solution

    should ask WG developer why they name it that, I have no idea. but it fix my game crash after replace that 22_tierra_del_feugo map folder files with the copy of my friend give me.
  6. for me last time ARP kirishima mission it write done but didn't get the ship, I notice there still some few damage deal need to clear on that mission even it say done, so I try one match again and I receive the reward after battle finish.
  7. Marcion

    Just started out on CVs

    this is true
  8. Marcion

    New CV player requirement

    i' m oppose it to your idea , my poor INJ CV 4 plane always get [content removed]/down by US CV fighter plane which have 6 plane in each squads when it discovered, I always play 1 squads fighter, 2 squads torpedo, 2 squads bombing. Inappropriate. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  9. just tell your friend to zip a copy of 22_tierra_del_feugo folder file known as Land of Fire map, replace it and run the games for test see if it crash , for me is it success run two match battle land of fire map with my friends join in division without crash. Hope this help for these having same problem, WG patching system seem to be mess up the files, I would suggest that they add files checking button on the game client .
  10. Marcion

    rant on Land of Fire map

    after request help from my friend I download his file "22_tierra_del_fuego" known as " Land of Fire" compare to mine and I found out there some files not same even got 810 total files in that folder green box is my friend files as I downloaded, red is mine. well haven't have time to test it
  11. Marcion

    rant on Land of Fire map

    the mod I used was from http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/9260-xerbcolle-kancolle-mod-asia/ and was deleted recent many game crash on "land of fire" ,so any of you get games crash because of this?
  12. Marcion

    rant on Land of Fire map

    being doing so, but still no help at all game still crash, something wrong with "Land of Fire" map only
  13. Marcion

    rant on Land of Fire map

    sending error files report to tech support till now haven't replay, yet I receive nonsense letter WOWS AFK/Idling Alert "On Monday, March 21, 2016 5:59 PM, Wargaming. net <no-reply@wargaming.net> wrote: Hello Admiral, According to the data we acquired your account was mentioned in the list of our Anti Bot/Leeching program. Some data of your account has been deemed suspicious. For further information see: Game Rules - http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/forum-19/announcement-14-world-of-warships-game-rules/ EULA - http://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/docs/user_agreement/ You are kindly requested to abstain from actions that violate the Game Rules or EULA. In case of detecting violations during one of the following checking procedures your account will be suspended permanently. According to the Game Rules Chapter 5 the "Automated Anti-Bot Reporting System" is the system that actively scans the game logs searching for players who use automated bots, clickers, macros, keyboard and mouse recorders, or any other similar methods to accumulate credits and experience without the participation or with passive participation of the player: 5.07. Using bots, clickers, macros, keyboard and mouse recorders, or any other similar methods that enables gameplay without the participation or with passive participation of the player within the battle. 5.08. Repetitive and excessive passive play Please, abide by the fair play principles." I just want to say , I never used nor install bots or any methods play to this game. I don't AFK but "land of fire" only map keep crashing game client with any ship tier I using, try re-login crash again unable to play while waiting it battle to finish then able to start game client again to login fine, how suppose I going to do? I have many time crash with this "land of fire" map yes made people report me as AFK is just not fair. no solution fix for this map yet also, I just wonder are the developer too lazy to bother this "land of fire" map?
  14. Marcion

    Land of Fire Crash

    I' m the same any fix yet?
  15. Marcion

    Land of Fire CTD

    i' m also the victim of this map only, something wrong with this map, might be curse