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  1. 1. Description Added to a clan in WoWs that only exist in WoT. Clan Tag appears but cannot be searched. Still can access other clan functionalities for an unaffiliated player (i.e passing application to join other clan). Players in contacts list have clan tags from clans that only existed in WoT. This only apply to players who are not members of existing clans in WoWs, but have their WoT account affiliated to a clan 2. Reproduction steps Log in Click on the clan tag. Click "Clan Search" Search for Clan Tag(your tag from WoT) Search for an existing clan Send application 3. Result Upon searching clan tag, it would indicate that no such clan exist. When passing an application, application will be set to pending 4. Expected result -Details of the clan that's been searched must appear(but not existent) -Unaffiliated players in WoWs should not have tags from their WoT account -if such clan exist, user must NOT be able to access functionalities such as joining a new clan 5. Technical details Example: Bug time: about 9:45 GMT +8 python log: python.zip 38.27K Screenshots ingame: Clan Creation Searching for clan + contacts list application to an existing clan Proof that NJG1 clan(example) exist and is a member of mentioned clan: Other notes: -for further observation. Sent application to a random clan. If accepted, should check the effects for both ingame and portal profile. python.zip
  2. It feels empty after ya managed to grind from FdG to GK in a span of four days flat.

  3. 200. they are added separately. they will use the base exp you earned in battle, apply the bonus then add it up. When using premium, the premium bonus is applied first before getting the additional exp from the flags and other bonuses(camo, first win)
  4. Monolith_Preacher

    How to fight AS Saipan with balans Hiryuu

    bait and strafe. that works with most inexperienced Saipan users
  5. Monolith_Preacher

    World of Warmemes

    since someone made an anthromorphization of Des Moines which is lovely...
  6. im surprised "Our team depends upon you!" is not included to the poll -1
  7. Monolith_Preacher

    USS West Virginia (BB-48)

    YOUUUUUU >:E that's in TONKS!!!! but also in ships as always, great read. And same thoughts for the colorado in game. Giving her the WeeVee composition might have covered the rest of her shortcomings. also, screw those filthy hyperboloid towers >:E
  8. Monolith_Preacher

    Battle off Samar

    The destroyers and PT were very low on torpedoes as noted too. Though the battleships are more than ready. And they are way too close in the gulf too. Welp, you can't tell. Maybe the brave ones were still asleep since they will assert their "possible" alternate history where Japan can make US negotiate for peace by either dealing more damage to Pearl Harbor/winning Midway/blasting Mac Arthur in Samar. the first two were meh. cuz production power. The last one's meh too. given the circumstances available lmao
  9. Monolith_Preacher

    Battle off Samar

    Related: Add the factor of further damage accumulated if they do pursue the operation. It's a no-win game at all friendly note: Fanatics won't be happy with this. At all. cuz Imperial Japan will nvr lose :'D EDIT: Those loadouts were somehow weird for a bombardment role, which they were assigned with as stated in the Order of Battle
  10. Monolith_Preacher

    the Mogami cruiser

    The US also have AP Bombs which were mostly on 1000lb but not on the Avengers since they can only carry 500lb or 100lb. They have GP bombs solely for ground or unarmored surface targets. Its true anti-ship weaponry is the torpedo. Hell it can even fly with HVAR but not as anti-shipping weaponry. and again, GP bombs aint stronk enough like AP Bombs to kill an armored ship. But to see a ship sunk without even taking so much beating like the rest. I get impressed with a chance of cringe at the same time. as a commander? I'd like that ship... on the other side so I can simply send CVEs just to take them down. And have them armed with GP bombs and Depth Charges
  11. Monolith_Preacher

    the Mogami cruiser

    near miss noun a bomb that misses its target but still causes damage no need to freaking define what a "miss" is. the point still stand that it's not a direct hit also, given that you are merely destroyed by that, that sounds pretty lame to begin with compared to those taking actual hits not just from bombs but also torpedoes. Ah yes. Bombs can destroy things if their target is the one they are intended to deal with. If not, it would be something that wont cause serious problem with the fighting capability of a ship, unless their design sucks. Now im really wondering what I'm talking about. Am I influenced by those Hollywood movies where peestol can destroy tonks? Or is it the games where i end up thinking that anything will work to destroy stuff and is k. Enlighten me. _(:3」∠)_
  12. Monolith_Preacher

    the Mogami cruiser

    and here am I... still wondering how powerful and superior they are after the Suzuya was sunk by aircraft armed with bombs for ground targets and explodes without even taking any direct hit at all
  13. Monolith_Preacher

    AniManga Chat :E

    /fly awaaaaay~ _( :3」∠ )_
  14. Monolith_Preacher

    AniManga Chat :E

    cheeses! muh troll thread vanished i should start digging muh grave