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  1. Syanda


    Blank thread. Locking.
  2. Syanda

    WG ASIA priotrity

    It's like, we don't exist or something...
  3. Famitsu interview says HSF ships will be out around 29th June
  4. Basically the first few posts in support for it are all from [HMAS].
  5. I'd say right now, you gotta work on convincing WG Asia that you're on to something here. For now, I'm just seeing one group of clanmates calling for this, not actually a large enough majority who're actually supportive of this. I can highlight the thread to the community team, but to be honest, metrics (in the form of sales numbers and email survey feedback) is going to count for a lot more than a short forum thread.
  6. Syanda

    Wargaming Staff

    What event was this?
  7. Keep it civil, folks. That means both of you, spixys and Blazed_minD.
  8. Syanda

    Highest discriminated server SEA?

    It's a lot more than just Kaga, basically. In any case, we don't have any popular streamers/content creators from the region (besides Yuro, and Yuro's busy/less active these days).
  9. Syanda

    Highest discriminated server SEA?

    You do know that Leng, as well as the other moderators, are basically community staff, right?
  10. Syanda

    How much win rate is good enough?

    Average winrate is ~49%. Below that, not good. Above that, good.
  11. Syanda

    Highest discriminated server SEA?

    Does anyone even look in the Contests section :|
  12. Meanwhile, in Europe...
  13. Syanda

    Hunt for Bismarck for new players

    Well, if you really, *really* play hard on weekends, it's theoretically possible, but highly improbable.
  14. Kaga was a Tosa-class battleship, i.e. Nagato-class on steroids. Not surprised she's tagged with more HP than Colorado - the Tosas were designed to outclass the Colorado-class in the first place.