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  1. TheAzure

    Inconsistent Data. Which one is the correct one?

    It could have value in atlanta/flint as a lot of cruisers in that tier 8-9 has 25mm plating that can be value for IFHE
  2. TheAzure

    Inconsistent Data. Which one is the correct one?

    The website is showing the formula normal HE Penetration = Gun caliber/6 (127/6 = 21mm) But the HE penetration mechanic is that HE shell can penetrate armor that lesser than shell penetration value. So for 127 mm gun the penetration value is 21 mm but can penetrate armor up to 20 mm
  3. While I understand the frustration, please keep this in civil discussion please.
  4. TheAzure

    Let's clear this ST thing out

    Seems the mail list need some clean up
  5. TheAzure

    Some random (German ships) suggestions...

    You're not supposed to tell them!
  6. TheAzure

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    Carefully read this topic all your questions have answers there.
  7. TheAzure

    BUFF the AMERICAN BB line (MONTANA!!!)

    Well we could agree that german line are all underperforming
  8. TheAzure

    Supertester list

    Now we've met our ST quota, if there are any need for additional testers, we will open recruitment again.
  9. Please specify more detail. - Which premium ship? - Screenshot if possible
  10. TheAzure

    Karma Karpetbombing

    Yeah, don't know why this happen, but you could still see who give what reactions to your post on your profile feed.
  11. TheAzure

    ModStation cannot update

    Try running it in admin?
  12. TheAzure

    Supertest FAQ

    Captains, We have noticed there are quite a few myths and misconceptions floating around with regards to Supertest and Supertesters, so let's have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions! What is the Supertest program? Supertest program is an initiative for volunteers, who are willing to help game development team by assisting the Quality Assurance and other departments. Simulations and test environments gets us only so far, and it is always good to run new features past an external audience capable of breaking the builds in new, exciting and creative ways. Who are Supertesters? Supertesters are players who voluntarily give up their own time to help test early builds of the latest patch which includes new ships, new maps, new modes etc. Supertesters are expected to be capable of filing out detailed reports of bugs and issues they find within the game as well as completing surveys on new ships and maps. They must be able to give clear evidence for the issue, and offer their best judgement towards a solution. The dev team does not have to agree with this though, as often there are more than one ways how to tip the scales. Supertesters are expected to be knowledgeable about game mechanics, in-game balance, and have some idea about the state and preferences of the larger game community. From this knowledge they give balanced and reasoned opinions. How does Supertest help with the updates? For each new update, Supertesters run typically several sessions with various tasks, depending on the content: Basic check on the new / modified ships (Don’t think balance in this case, think clipping, model and basic function. Before we move to balance tuning, we need to know the ship can sail at all ) Basic check on the maps (Are the islands solid? Are there any invisible rocks? ) Basic check of functions (Can you actually select the new campaign? Can you collect the collection?) And a ton of other important things which may sound boring but are crucial! For each update we get both feedback and bug reports - and while it's possible a bug sneaks past (be it because it is tied to a specific hardware, or simply because we did not manage to trigger it during Supertest phase), most major bugs get caught already in this stage. How does Supertest help with ship balance? Mostly by driving the test ships around to the best of their abilities and thus gathering gameplay stats for us. This is usually one of the biggest time investments, and it can be also pretty frustrating as the testers often have to struggle with ships in early stages of the balancing process (The veterans of Royal Navy cruisers test still scream a bit if you refer to this test). The Supertesters also provide written feedback (often varied), however the gameplay stats are the most important thing. Dealing with them is not necessarily easy though, as first they often do not match the text feedback and second we need to adjust for the skill (see below). In any case, however, the Supertesters, Contributors etc. do not directly deal with ship balance. That is the task for our Game Design team. What does a Supertester do? Typically? Berate us for yet another last minute change in test tasks or ship tests Apart from that, typically Supertesters talk to other STers worldwide, poke us about things and most of all… Play the game! What can Supertesters tell me? Not much about the things being tested. Ship stats are usually on the Dev Blog and ship history is out in the open. Also note that in battle they usually have their hands full dealing with the “new ship syndrome” (ie. the entire enemy team going “Mine!” the moment they see them). So… If you see them testing new ship and want to know more, the best place to go is the Dev Blog! Are Supertesters potatoes or pros? Varied But try as we may, we seem to have trouble getting below average active players in the Supertest, typically we start in the high end of average band and pass smoothly into above average. Of course, especially in first few battles in an unknown ship, everyone can have a “potato” moment . Still, even the biggest lemons we tested had consistently highly above average win rate How do we select Supertesters? The main selection criterion for this program is motivation and willingness to sacrifice the time and effort to make the game better! Another point is of course ability to stick to the NDA and work well with other Supertesters, including the common language. Do the Supertesters have to agree with WG? Definitely not! We expect the Supertesters to be open in their feedback and tell us if they do not like some decisions. As long as the feedback is constructive and civil, we of course welcome their thoughts. We also provide platforms for the Supertesters to voice their objections, and the only limit is they should not post feedback related to things on Public Test (as the ST forums anyway offer a more direct route). Once things are out in the open, Supertesters are free to comment (again, not using the “NDA” knowledge). How many Supertesters are there? This depends on the region, for example our ST program in Russia is the most numerous, but in other regions it is around 100 testers (replenished when needed). How do I Join? Supertest recruitment is open whenever needed! So stay tuned and follow our portal, social media and forums!
  13. Since this thread seems to have some misunderstanding going on, I would like to make some point clear (and maybe post FAQ after this) - WG didn't rely on mainly Supertester (or any kind of community players) for balancing. Supertesters play the ships and gathering gameplay stats yes. Give the feedback yes. But supertester didn't do the "balancing", that decision is on developers and professional QA team. The supertesters didn't deal directly with balancing in any ways.
  14. TheAzure

    the paradox of playing CVs

    Don't cri, I'm noob CV so don't know what to add
  15. TheAzure

    Why is it like this

    Sigh... stop insulting each other Thread locked ~TheAzure