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  1. TheAzure

    ST guys, really?

    PANTS is CST clan, you can read more about CST here.
  2. TheAzure

    Sen Help, How do I forum? lmao

    Welcome to the forum! As the others already said, read the forum rule and we shall live in harmony. 😉
  3. TheAzure

    Supertest - FAQ and 2020 recruitment thread

    Hi, Update on the process, we will send the PM out for the players who pass our review next Monday. The list of players will be updated tomorrow.
  4. TheAzure

    Supertest - FAQ and 2020 recruitment thread

    - No, you don't need to keep T8 tech tree ships in port, the stats will show that you've owned and played that ship. - You need to have at least 400 battles in 2 classes of ships, regardless of tier.
  5. TheAzure

    Supertest - FAQ and 2020 recruitment thread

    Applicants list has been added to the post.
  6. TheAzure

    Supertest - FAQ and 2020 recruitment thread

    I can still access it on my end, please make sure you have good connection to google service.
  7. Greetings, fellow commanders! If you're reading this, it means that you have reached the most hidden and secret section of the forum What is a supertest? What do people do over there? How to get there? This FAQ was specially prepared so that you can get answers to them. If this does not happen, feel free to ask your question in the comments; We will do our best to give you an answer. Please note that questions not related to the supertest will be deleted without warning Q: What is the "supertest"? A: Supertest (hereinafter referred to as "ST") is a process of testing game versions (and their performance) that have not yet been released by a limited number of volunteers - super testers. Conducting ST can help both in preparing the version/content for public release (elimination of bugs, checking the content and functionality ), and in evaluating various ideas at the prototype stage (running in "raw" ideas and collecting data on them). In other words, ST is a "closed kitchen" in which a number of users help developers "cook" the game. Participation in ST is recommended for players who: Like to play World of Warships, they want to help in its development and be the first to see all updates, sometimes at the prototype stage; Are interested or even versed in game development, are not afraid of difficulties, like to delve into the essence of things and get results;; Want to become part of a friendly, close-knit team, united by common interests and aspirations. Q: I'm in! How to get there? A: The application can be submitted in the link at the end of this thread. Just read the entire FAQ to the end first. Q: Are there any age restrictions? A: Yes, you can only take part in the super test if you're 18 or older, as the volunteer must accept a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Q: What will my tasks be? A: Usually the tasks of a supertester include playing a certain (test) version of the game, checking all the mechanics, changes and writing bug reports (posting messages about errors and defects found while testing) and writing a feedback (your opinion). Q: Is ST obligatory? A: Yes and no. You can participate in the super test or you can leave the super test. But we have certain requirements for current participants of ST, which include an active participation of scheduled test sessions and completion of tasks on time. We don’t plan to keep “nonentities” in the ST, neither do we want to kick out testers for minor violations or rare absences. Q: What's the schedule for testing sessions? A: On various days, but usually from 16:00 to 22:00 Singapore time (UTC+8). If you can’t participate in ST during this period, it’s best for you not to apply. Q: Wait! What's the salary? Some kind of bonuses? A: On ST of World of Warships there is no salary and never will be. Super testers help us because they like to help and participate in the development of the game we love. In addition, super testers are the first to play new game versions, they have an opportunity to communicate closely with the development, to realize their passion for games. We, in our turn, express our gratitude both in words (and a separate forum group), and sometimes we give rewards to the most active participants. Activity is examined on the basis of a number of indicators that we occasionally summarize and publish for all supertesters. Q: Who are the "Super test coordinators"? A: Coordinators are volunteers like super testers, but with more responsibilities and different tasks. Responsibilities of the coordinators include ensuring the normal course of testing, supporting ST recruits and assisting in processing of feedback and bug reports. Coordinators are selected by the supertest manager. Q: I know all this because I participate in WoT (WoWp) ST . Can I participate in your ST? A: Yes. Our ST's are organized independently. There are no special restrictions in World of Warships ST. And the issues of participation in ST of other projects should be decided with your curators. Q: I am a member of another volunteer group of the game, may I participate in ST? A: We do not accept in the ST the participants of the following volunteer groups: Community Contributor If you participate in other volunteer groups, then you should carefully think about whether you have enough time for the high-quality fulfillment of tasks on ST. Requirements for ST candidates When checking the application we take into account: Your application must comply with the application template. Applications submitted not accordingly to the form are automatically rejected; Experience of playing World of Warships (At least 2000 PvP battles, according to profile statistics; at least 400 battles on 2 out of 4 classes played on and ships of tier 8 are present in the port *not included premium ships). If candidate doesn't match this requirement his application is automatically rejected. IMPORTANT: the game statistics of the candidate shouldn't be closed for viewing. Applications from candidates with closed statistics or with access to their statistics by link are not considered! Experience in writing feedback and bug reports in the project (is welcome); The general culture of communication on the forum and in the game - before making a decision on candidates application, we check the candidate for violations of the rules in the game and the forum, if a certain amount of violations is exceeded (disclosed ST information,no comments are given), the application is rejected; The number of applications submitted by the candidate (three attempts);; Fluent English; Age: 18 years old or older Application link : Link Application result Thank you for applying, we will publish the result of application within 1 month.
  8. There is only one way to find out :wink On the serious note, this forum is PG-13 rating.
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    Ahem, second warning for this thread, please stay on topic.
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    @CV_NMSL @Max_Battle hate to break into conversation, but please keep comment on topic please.
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    if you get quarantined for 2 weeks...

    Moved to off-topic ~TheAzure
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    The misery of LtDan_IceCream

    I'm not sure this one is joke or not... Moved to off-topic ~TheAzure
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    Account Stuck Synchronizing Patch 0.9.2

    Hi, The bug should be fixed. Please report if you still have an issue.
  14. TheAzure

    Account Stuck Synchronizing Patch 0.9.2

    Thread merged. Staffs are aware of this issue and working on fixing it. ~TheAzure
  15. TheAzure

    Account Stuck Synchronizing Patch 0.9.2

    Hi, WG staff are looking into this issue and working on fixing it.