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  1. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    We will send discord invite to you via forum message (you'll also be notified by email from forum). You can still apply for CC, but sadly, due to conflict nature of this two program, if you're accepted in both program you can choose only one.
  2. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    We test the game build before it update on live server, you will need another account (like PT). It took some time, that's why we asking for volunteer. But you still have time to play your live account since we didn't test that every week. Don't worry, we're tracking you with your player ID.
  3. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    Should be around late Feb - early March for the earliest.
  4. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    You will need new client and WGC (working like PT client).
  5. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    We're happy to have diversity skill players in ST program as you can see in our requirement didn't specify any stats other than battle number.
  6. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    I'd suggest you to apply for ST in NA, we're not really much different between region.
  7. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    Can you elaborate on "mission" ? What mission do you mean? If you mean in-game mission, of course they can play it like any other players.
  8. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    You can check it via this link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/3/d/e/2PACX-1vSeYKnrywAGOCOoyCVQ-Q-YkcW22QdqBCa4tPwU6HFB22YyHIcrk9ezHuv_yltxPw4FQgysW6DmECQ7/pubhtml We will PM you the link to it if you have been selected, currently it's not available on this forum.
  9. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    We will review application and accept people while keeping recruitment open, it should end around March-April. Or sooner if we have reach quota. It is very time consuming, this is why we asking on volunteer basis, we not have test every week. Depends on development circle that you can look at Dev blog. Usually took about 10-15 hrs per test circle. Supertesters are expected to be capable of filing out detailed reports of bugs and issues they find within the game as well as completing surveys on new ships and maps. They must be able to give clear evidence for the issue, and offer their best judgement towards a solution. We have clear guideline for reporting bugs, but you can give other suggestions as well.
  10. TheAzure

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    All your suggestions will be directly read and consider by developers, but whether it will be implemented or not is depending on various factors (statistic,etc.).
  11. Greetings Commanders! Due to increased interest in the Supertest program, we are now opening the Supertest Recruitment for this year What is Supertest? Supertesting is done in a separate server where new content and features will be tested in a very controlled environment first before being tested again with a wider audience. This means serious testing, doing things over and over again, and then analyzing what actually happened. We are looking for active people who are patient and don't get bored easily, have thick skin, willing to endure difficult and uncomfortable tasks, and most importantly can be trusted with sensitive information. What does it take to be a Supertester? For you to be selected as a Super Tester, here are some requirements you must meet: Have a minimum of 2000 battles (can be a combination of modes); Able to fluently communicate in English. Have achieved tier 7 in at least two nations, and 400 battles each in 2 different classes. Premium ships do not count; Stats set to public for the duration of the selection process; Must be willing to read, understand and agree to the WoWS Supertest Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Willing to participate in random battle during testing. There are a few other things that the Co-Ords and WG Staff will also be looking at: Your attitude on the forums and in game; Your play style, this is to ensure the diversity of testers; Your warning/sanction history, being able to follow rules is obviously important. Please note, these are not necessarily the only criteria we will be looking into during the selection process. Here are some things that you must have as a Supertester: Discord A decent internet connection (client updates are frequent) How can I submit my application to be a Supertester? To apply to be a Supertester you only have to Complete the questionnaire in the following link : (Submitted questionnaire in language other than English will be automatically rejected) https://goo.gl/forms/55GdM85m24gnUFRf2 The selection process will take some time as we are reviewing your application. If you are selected, we will notify you via Private Message on the forum, along with a copy of the NDA. The final step is to read, understand and agree to the NDA before you are granted Supertester permissions. We currently have operation in English only. How long will recruitment stay open? The recruitment thread will stay open for at least 2-3 months or until further notice. *Updated* How can I check my application status? Check via this link : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/3/d/e/2PACX-1vSeYKnrywAGOCOoyCVQ-Q-YkcW22QdqBCa4tPwU6HFB22YyHIcrk9ezHuv_yltxPw4FQgysW6DmECQ7/pubhtml I have some questions about the Supertest recruitment, where can I ask them? All questions should be posted in the ST recruitment questions thread in the following link: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/34805-st-recruitment-2019-questions-thread/ Asia Supertester Coordinator team. ADM_dude Bluesaga tc1259 tomato432 TheAzure Windforce
  12. Post any questions you may have about the Supertest Recruitment 2019 in this thread.
  13. TheAzure


    Drakon and detonation, nothing new here.
  14. TheAzure

    "China(?)" player become more extreme nowaday

    Please use the support ticket for submit any report on player. Topic locked ~TheAzure