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  1. TheAzure

    King of the Sea VII Sign-up coming soon!

    Pinned, another season of KotS!!
  2. TheAzure

    How much for an account with all T10 ships?

    EULA violation. Post locked. ~TheAzure
  3. TheAzure

    [Poll] "Azur Lane" collaboration

    You can't have too much waifus
  4. Please have polite conversation here. keep in mind that this forum is for discussion, not for bashing people.
  5. TheAzure

    [Updated] Patch 0.6.6 Technical Test

    Updated : Technical Test will continue untill Wednesday, May 24, 2017 @ 18 00UTC+8 1. NEW DATES: Tech test will be available from 16 30 UTC May 23, 2017 to 10 00 UTC May 24, 2017 2. EN & RU LOCALIZATION ONLY: Only Russian and English localization is available on Tech Test at the moment, and EN localization is technical. It is enough to understand what is written, but some phrasing and terms may be weird. We will have proper localization available later. Other localizations are not available at the moment, please use either EN or RU. 3. PvE ONLY: Only PvE mode is available for players on the Technical Test, as we are testing PvE server performance. Players who would like to try out other changes in 066 patch are welcome to do so on the Public Test which is coming soon. 4. NO REWARDS: No special rewards will be given to Technical Test participants on live server. Since this is a Technical Test for those who are interested in checking out the new PvE mode, we do not feel it right to set some tasks for players to complete to earn the rewards while they will likely have issues playing due to server testing (lags, etc). We will definitely have some cool rewards on Public Test though, which is coming soon. 5. RESTART LAUNCHER: Please restart your launcher to proceed to the Tech Test. 6. THANK YOU: Thank you to all the players who have already participated in the first TechTest session, we highly appreciate their help and certainly hope that they will join us for the second iteration as well.
  6. ปิดกระทู้ตามคำขอของเจ้าของโพส ~TheAzure
  7. TheAzure

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    oh , THAI_THIEF has conquered this thread
  8. TheAzure

    Sink the Alabama ST!

    time to hide
  9. TheAzure

    Why Asia server is the best server

    Oh syanda confirmed girl !!!
  10. TheAzure

    Avatars for Moderators

    interesting comps
  11. TheAzure

    what!? new IJNDD line?

    Please don't spam picture unrelated to the game here. If you want to post some picture, we have the thread for it
  12. Guys, keep the discussion in a topic.
  13. TheAzure

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    No in-game picture please. if you want to discuss about the game. We have skype channel for it. PM syanda or me if you want to join.