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  1. Oh here we go again, people complain about a prem/special ship with bad stats, ends up being the top tier 9 BB. I think Musashi was fine enough as it is (except for a tiny reload buff).
  2. Yeah, at least give operations for more tiers, adjusting the difficulty of the current ones depending on the tier. Though we'll see if they'll open more PvE stuff for more tiers as time goes by.
  3. Did well on the Emerald. Though as soon as I got the Leander, I didn't play it anymore, and sold it much later on.
  4. Yeah. Maybe this is why only one operation is available for randoms (aka random players waiting in scenario mode). To OP, I think if all operations are available, population of players playing random battles would be reduced (except for those who are not playing tier 6 and 7 ships). This is because operations can sometimes be much more efficient for credit/xp/free xp grinding and captain training than randoms, where you can be blasted immediately by a higher tier ship, and did nothing. That's just my two cents though.
  5. Every game, WoWS included, will have those guys who'll moan, grumble, whine and get angry because teammates don't do what they want them to do. Who don't follow their "good gameplay". Or who'll call newer players "noob" or "stupid" if they see that those players make mistakes, instead of helping them improve their game.
  6. French T10 Turd

    Eh, I don't expect it to lol pen as good as the Yamato guns do. Even the Conqueror's 457mm guns can't lolpen that much either.
  7. French T10 Turd

    Unless I'm mistaken, it has a sigma a 2.0, so...it'll have 431mm guns that are accurate, even if there are only 8 guns. Plus that nitrous! On a BB!
  8. Coming from the SoCal, Wyoming, NY and New Mex, you should be used by now to how slow USN dreadnoughts are. And this would be the last of the slowpokes. Otherwise the Colorado is a great ship, if you can make the most out of her 16-inch guns, decent AA, good main battery range and great heal. And remember not to go alone unless really necessary.
  9. As long as they can balance them, I don't mind WG releasing any ship tech trees that fit the game. Though I wanna see British DDs soon. Or French/Italian BBs. Check his recent video, and apparently he goes as "Sekba" in game now.
  10. Had to dig up this one, cheers!
  11. Eh, it'll come one day. I didn't expect the Graf Zeppelin to come at all, but now they're testing it, so a prem KM DD will come someday.
  12. Nerfing citadel damage on BBs will never change a thing. Some cruiser captains will continue to whine about getting hit with BB AP. CAs/CLs can pepper BBs with HE, or if the BB shows it's side, CAs can hit them with AP. Hell, some cruisers can tank BB AP or just get overpens.
  13. I dunno, when I opened the game yesterday, the commanders were already specced for AA and Last Stand, with 9 points left for whatever skills we want. I got Superintendent, Jack Of All Trades and Survivability Expert for the Anthony, while I got Smoke Screen Expert instead of SE for the Cyclone. CE is never worth it in this mode since all enemies will charge towards the convoy anyways, no sense decreasing detectability. Plus the Schnellboots spawn within gun range as well.
  14. I don't even get supercontainers for the past 4-5 months