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  1. Anonymous321

    Where's my dragon flags?

    Still haven't got your dragon flags? I got mine quite a while ago... Just sayin'..
  2. Anonymous321

    that one was awesome.

    Damn... I don't ever wanna face of with that guy.. XD
  3. Anonymous321

    Hereditary issues.....

    i liek trainz :3
  4. Anonymous321

    Too many Kongos!

    Indeed, how silly of you.. hahahaha jkjk pleez dun keel me.. ;-;
  5. Anonymous321

    World of warship commercial "japan"

    Gotta love Japan.. hahahahaha
  6. Anonymous321

    World of Warships Fan Art ! =)

    Could be better.. But still awesome to me since I don't even know how to do this myself XP Keep up the good work!
  7. Anonymous321

    About ARP Ships

  8. Anonymous321

    5.7 Delayed

    Like, when is the next stage with the WoWS x ARPEGGIO Collab.. Am I the only one whose been checking the portal every few hours to see if there are any updates on that? ;-; sorry for being impatient..
  9. Anonymous321

    Alt tab/Alt+Enter/Windows key causes crash

    I've recently started having this same problem as well. Everything just blacks out and the game ends up crashing. Even when I'm trying to switch between full screen mode and windowed mode by pressing Alt+Enter, the game just dies as well.
  10. Anonymous321

    Does Smokescreens work on Cyclone Events? (Storm maps)

    Jingles explains a bit on this
  11. Anonymous321

    WOWS Meet The Live Streamers

    Ive subbed to eurobeats channel quite a while ago. Best decision of my life hahaha
  12. Anonymous321

    Aoki Hagane mission?

    Wait a minute until end of the year? So does that mean next year they will stop cranking out ARP ships next year? O noes..
  13. Anonymous321

    Suggestion regarding ARP missions

    So theres still hope for takao :3 yisssss
  14. Do i see an ARP Haruna in your port??