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  1. wer354

    Dive bombing is getting ridiculous

    @drakon233 dope
  2. wer354


    And now to find an active clan that accepts me :P *FEELSBAD INTENSIFIES*
  3. wer354

    Dive bombing is getting ridiculous

    @drakon233 https://youtu.be/l4xsL2p72pE?t=3m17s not related but is this you
  4. wer354

    Dive bombing is getting ridiculous

    I'm guessing you meant "I don't use auto drops unless I'm about to be sunk" Well git gud m8 lol I don't have too much problems landing DB hits on dd's as long as I don't screw up
  5. wer354

    and this is why you dont trust your teammates

    I wouldn't even be mad. That's actually pretty amazing lmao
  6. wer354

    Dive bombing is getting ridiculous

    Just do manual drops. You're gonna get 1-2 hits per drop if you aren't a complete potato.
  7. y you gotta bring race into this
  8. wer354

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    more like World of [Content Removed] Inapproriate Use of Words , Post Edited , User Sanctioned ~Ephys
  9. wer354

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    o god WoWs is becoming like WoT.
  10. wer354

    Supercontainer Chances?

    y y'all so rich oh and the modifications also count as super container drops? because I have a couple of top tier modifications that I CANT MOUNT
  11. I've gotten 3 supercontainers so far, and was wondering what you guys get since my friend showed me ship drops and stuff First drop: 100 dragons Second Drop: 50,000 free exp Third Drop: (not sure if it's super) n amount of commander slots and 2 more port slots
  12. wer354


    Well I haven't reached the upper tiers, but from what I've heard, isn't the Minotaur just exceptionally squishy?
  13. wer354

    Need more ideas for joke clans

    HMU with the DPRK clan lmao
  14. I think he was just trying to say that the system is buggy, since the Enterprise bombs also cause more damage than it is listed in the stats hahaha yall just chill out lmao
  15. Title says it all lmao. For the best results, do you brawl or snipe with the myogi?