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  1. Onlinegamer

    Roast me!!!

    can i have potato wedge?
  2. Onlinegamer

    So.. uhm.. I datamined the forums.

    we have a winner of spedrun any% fastest reply
  3. Onlinegamer

    The Zoupening

    gib me a XL size pls
  4. Onlinegamer

    New Visual of AA is AWESOME! (Heavy Gif warning)

    stop bitcoin! GPU is getting expensive more and more
  5. Onlinegamer

    A T9 ship for 1.5k dubs?

    RNG is sus
  6. Onlinegamer

    Thoughts on the Somers?

    but mine not buying Plymouth still have over 30k steel
  7. Onlinegamer

    0.10.1 : What's this?? Three more Faces???

    giorno giovanna??
  8. Onlinegamer

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    if RTS comes back i'll play CV
  9. Onlinegamer

    WOWS will be on Epic games store soon..!

    they engage Steam very well but i usually visit Steam WOWS forum and Asia site as we know that i can't read
  10. Onlinegamer

    Ships Departing From the Armory and Premium Shop

    how to make Makarov popular? :D