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  1. Onlinegamer

    Azur Lane: Which Commander Are You?

    thx xD
  2. Onlinegamer

    [ichase] even he.........

    typical day youtubers >oh I see famous youtuber in game >I must sink him first whatever he is in >I sank youtuber yay!!! >I posted in socialmedia
  3. Onlinegamer

    secondary build midways

  4. i see CV can use smoke BB can use smoke CA can use smoke DD : USE YOUR SMOKE!!!
  5. Onlinegamer

    cee vee maymays

    Are you trying to make Midway OP since she needs to buff!!!
  6. Onlinegamer

    Morderfreaking WeeGee - Tease me to Please me?

    A German cruiser with smoke huh?
  7. Onlinegamer

    Reasons to play

    >read topic >scroll down >Jervis >much Jervis >how such Jervis dude
  8. Onlinegamer

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    when CV sees someone is YOLOing
  9. Onlinegamer

    WoW, just sinOP

    oh no someone knew the most OP ship in the game
  10. Onlinegamer

    The Next Ranked Season

    *Here we go again*
  11. Onlinegamer

    [Non-serious thread] Fletcher

    William D Porter pls WG
  12. Onlinegamer

    ST: Graf Zeppelin and Hakuryu changes

    Make Hakuryu great again™️
  13. Onlinegamer

    I love my carrier

    that guy said that CV is still op keep nerf CVs
  14. Onlinegamer

    waifu lootbox.

    RNG : naNOda!