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  1. finally compliments with potato team
  2. Blame someone with is true story report no cap report(but radar and 3 boats...)
  3. full flags on PADD with mission
  4. Cuz YONE
  5. Russian isn’t op buff!!!
  6. Drakon OP!!
  7. Something something sooommmeeethhhhinggg~~ meh........
  8. Steal killing is coming
  9. REEE REEE REEE REEE Why everyone did too much damage!! Me 119k damage UwU No div no play But I like this change no AS (still IJN now)
  10. But something unusual is report by feeling example OHHH S#($ Y U YOLO REPORT!!! WTH DD GO THERE REPORT!!! CV WHY U KILL ATLANTA REPORT!!! GG TEAM REPORT!!!<<<game just started U RANMED ME, EAT THIS AND REPORT!!! totally not worth... me usually got report without reason...
  11. It’s normal APDB it’s good on BB T8 or lower except USS BB T8 and higher T9 BB