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  1. Onlinegamer

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Graf Zeppelin!
  2. You dont need to update the latest one Just stick old one if it not provide somethings you want to update
  3. #torpedotheyamatoagain
  4. Onlinegamer


    another useful link bookmarked
  5. Onlinegamer

    7 stalingrads can be beaten

    7 Khabavrosks 7 Moskvas 7 Stalingrads
  6. Onlinegamer

    What one thing you wanna add to wows or change

  7. Onlinegamer

    muh luck

    A N G R Y 😠
  8. Onlinegamer

    World Of Lagship....

    1.looks at what is the most high acticely in your HDD 2.restart your client 3.check your HDD by HDtune I got this problem before and i got 5 bad sectors in HDD GG!! (HDD RW100% W/O anything ran in BG R=0 W=0 DISK=100%)
  9. Onlinegamer

    Personal experience of identifying BOT

    3min is enough
  10. Onlinegamer

    MM'er and CV's

    If you dont like cv AA build Problem solved
  11. Onlinegamer

    7.11 IJN dispersion buff

    how to Furutaka 3.0
  12. Onlinegamer

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Make IJN great again
  13. Onlinegamer

    HMS Vanguard Disappointment

    here this Vanguard looks interested for you