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  1. Onlinegamer

    My pizza fleet grows...

    sometimes you spend on Genova but she appears around 15th-22nd roll and you suddenly ask yourself why dont you buy normal Italian boxes instead of wasting for Genova and otherwise you spend on boxes and got ships nothing and you suddenly ask yourself why dont you spend on Genova instead of wasting for boxes for me waste for boxes to find Italian is worth because I dont have to spend time for low tier to high tier after Italian CA tech tree comes (also save free xp for next RB too)
  2. Onlinegamer

    Getting Genova in random bundle

    I wish they would name Giorno Giovanna ship
  3. Onlinegamer

    Permanent Karmaflage

    anywhere you can lose your krama Devas someone TORPEDO and dont use your guns to against! HE spammer CV radar is OP! go spot! JusT DOdgE
  4. Onlinegamer

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    suddenly I knew that where is it from lol, it took me several hours
  5. Onlinegamer

    Sound patch... it’s ruined it

    make your own sound!
  6. Onlinegamer

    Yoshino, thunderer or Smolensk?

    go for T10 to get a free box
  7. Onlinegamer

    Unsinkable Sam Container gift mistake

    is that a bait post?
  8. Onlinegamer

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    missing pics 2k doubloons and Marblehead Lima
  9. Onlinegamer

    DD counter to CV

    Just dodge
  10. Onlinegamer

    Increased critical errors

    during this clan wars season thank you for nerf me
  11. Onlinegamer

    Moskva Legendary upgrade worth it?

    Mostly legendary upgrades are worth for get Except Z-52 -use on 5th slot so no way to use YY -hard to use because it requires 5th slot and decrease action radar and concealment up to 6.5km Republique -if you arent push zone this one will be one of useless Worcester -use on 5th slot you will lose concealment between radar and concealment by 1.5km (this upgrade needs to depend in situation, team and map) Minotaur -smoke for? Just go for radar! Dispersion could help you sometime but if you are surrounded you still dead
  12. Onlinegamer

    [Random Rant] Gun range

    Why not gun mod range on Yamato Kappa
  13. Onlinegamer

    WG Buff CV plz

    Buff Enterprise plz 😄