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  1. same thing can make us laugh! and make us cry! end campaign and I'll open it!!
  2. ถาวรคับ ทำเรื่อยๆเดียวก็ผ่านไปเอง และคนส่วนมากจะไปตายที่ภารกิจที่2แหละ ไม่มีCVแทบทั้งเซิฟ โดยเฉพาะเทียร์10มีกันไม่ถึง300คนต่อสาย (เว็บwarshipstatsปิดไปเลยไม่รุ้จะหาแหล่งอ้างอิงที่ไหนดีเลยเอาจาก แทน)
  3. *Nene intensifies*
  4. potential damage are from shell torpedo that shell or torpedo miss or do damage for that ship example 12 shells miss (or no penetration nor bounce) 1 shell = 3400 damage 12 shell = 40800 potential damage if 1 shell hit do 1133 damage (from 3400 per shell) 11 shell miss+1 hit=38533 potential damage is it possible for cruiser answer : yes
  5. can we get unsinkable Sam
  6. if you want to get profit commander from free 19pt commander get 500k exp captain per captain without 500 doubloons and any flags another choice play operation Dynamo every time (free cost but you will waste time to play operation more than tech tree/premium ships)
  7. well.... the first blueprint premium ship will sale (except Iwaki from AT players) overall (base to compare Amagi) AA is better (Kii vs Amagi 440+ vs 330+) Kii has fake bofor kii has torpedo like Derpitz CQC N/A (who need CQC) Amagi has better torpedo protection by over 20% Kii has HP more than Amagi armor as same as troll citadel both Amagi and Kii can burn from every ships
  8. because you haxx detonation, don't you?
  9. (for now)
  10. I dun care I want to play any ships in the game and unlock them but Phra Ruang is the the game is OK!