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  1. Cats play on their keybroad
  2. "im using" isnt a bot or auto mod massage word It was added while ago for conveniet to checking who is doing right now or who is using About setting smoke screen is more extend short massage
  3. Onlinegamer

    I went to the internet & I found this

    Yamato : I AM NUMBER ONE!!! Yashima : hi Yamato Yamato : NANI! Kurama : hi Yamato Yamato : Who are you!!!
  4. Thanks Moskva Sinse i got Stalingrad and I abandoned her about a year and half Only one ship I bought for parament camo I had much good memory about Moskva and thanks for free food broadside then
  5. Onlinegamer

    "Just Dodge1" - Watch Me Suffer

    prove me wrong
  6. BACK TO THE FUTURE EP4 oh! Forgot remove unlimit planes
  7. Onlinegamer


    there is nothing inside
  8. about 35.6mm overmatched and almost 20k AP per shell
  9. Onlinegamer

    the death of CN_70

  10. Onlinegamer

    MM still ignores radar?

    im not sure i used to it already 3 radars and still win
  11. Onlinegamer

    stalingrad not OP

    increase detonation rate
  12. Onlinegamer


  13. Onlinegamer

    I love Indomi

    i like that tho sadly my department store full of Nissin lol