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  1. soccy

    Free 1 Day Premium + 1 Port Slot [Razer Comms]

    great post... BTW I like the post and am just replying to be a forum 'ho
  2. that's just the point.. Home it comes and goes... 4/5 times I try... it comes... I've given the router some rest before restarting and still the issue is there. I suspect the issue is with packet routing more than anything.
  3. soccy

    The not so "Grumman" F4F Wildcats

    you should write this up with a full cross reference as part of an MBA assignment... well written and a greate read ... definitely a +1
  4. soccy

    Major Overhaul For Carriers

    All these ideas are great... a slider for how many of each type of planes to take. control of height of planes; so that they can climb higher and have the height advantage for fighters & scouts. AP bombs.. different bomb types. all fantastic ideas. but the #1 that will fix a whole load of these... is fighters shooting down attack planes should have more XP.. Start with that first. then lets decide what next to improve.
  5. funny thing is when I am in the office, I get to play without any desync. or in a DD if I turn.... the most delay I get is half a second.... I absolutely hate it when I launch torps... and I see the trails not starting where my ship is... but in front of of where my ship is. I'm in Malaysia... and I get a 40 ms ingame ping. so it is not a ping/lag issue. I run off a laptop with a docking station both in the office and at home so that is not the issue either.
  6. what was the setting issue ? I used to have good connection on Unifi.. all of a sudden the desync issue is back.
  7. soccy

    carrier load outs

    doesn't help if you put a link that everyone can't have access to .... (
  8. soccy

    Important lessons missed

    Newton's first law states, An object in motion will continue to stay in motion until an outside force interacts with it. Similarly An Object that is stationary will remain stationary until some out sided force reacts on it. Now change object with idea or mentality and you understand resistance to change
  9. soccy

    Furutaka - what a ship

    oh I forgot to mention that it does not have any accelleration at all... goodness if I wanted a battleship... I would be using a kongo or something down that line... this thing is like the M3 in WOT...
  10. Reload that is more in common with a Battleship class. a turret traverse that is similar to a battleship, and pew pew guns that barely hit anything at range... torpedo range that is less than std japanese torpedos; and more incommon with american torpedos.. holy cow.. this thing needs a buff... Even the previous tier ship is better than this !
  11. soccy

    I CANT run WOW

    don't run your torrent at the same time. try this... http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/40697-critical-error-occured/page__pid__1020423#entry1020423 ,,,
  12. soccy

    desync battle

    I have already updated my support ticket twice... and I'm even getting a list of ip address of the Singaporean server cluster.... collected 3 so far... what are people doing ? if you use Resmon.exe on Windows 7 lets you see the ip address that you are connected to with which software.. so far I have identified sg2-sl-a149.worldoftanks.sg & sg2-sl-a148.worldoftanks.sg desyncing my game...
  13. soccy

    Internet Connection

    I've checked my resmon.exe and found wows connected to and got really bad connectivity results..
  14. soccy

    Malaysian Players

    Anyone here a Malaysian ? from Malaysia Just curious if the Streamyx to Unifi conversion is having an effect on your game play.
  15. my ping is great 40-50 ms average... but then everything just starts lagging... I sometimes can't shoot.. even if it shows I can.. I blow up and still my ship skates about 1-2 kms as it breaks up and sinks... I've just uninstalled and am now reinstalling... after a restart....