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    Philippines WoWs Community

    AHOY!!! etot146 here...
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    For Singapore players!

    AHOY!!! etot146 here...
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    Mutsuki tips

    Greetings fellow DD skippers... I find the best load out for my Mutsuki is as follows; 1) HULL> Module A; 2) TORPEDOES> Type B Mod.1 (The longer range torpedo); The longer range torps gives me an option to snipe at the start of the game. Keeping some pesky cruisers and BBs at bay. Then do surprise torp attacks later on in a game. But the four guns, even if their reload and traverse is slower, makes for a better option when it comes a time when you have to use your guns. More chances of hitting your target, especially when dancing with another DD. Also, it's a better deal than being an AA platform as a DD. You're a torpedo boat when you're playing Japanese DDs. Gunboat game play works better on US and Russian DDs. Read the enemy team roster at the start of the game and avoid exchanging fire with US DDs. Always ask for cover when you're capping or going somewhere on the map, specially from cruisers, so they can shoot any early enemy DD encounters and let you live longer. Stay with your cruisers and cover and spot for them as they cover you. For Captain skills, master the torpedo skills, then at Tier-3 skills, go for "Superintendent" skill first, rather than "Vigilance" or "High Alert". This gives you better and longer use of consumables and just gives you that extra "uumpph" when you need it. Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. This is just my two cents folks... BTW, I play a "Non-Premium" WOW account, and my humble Mutsuki got me my first "Kracken Unleashed" achievement>>>. "May the torp be with you....always"
  4. etot146

    PT Boats in WOW

    Maybe someday then...
  5. Would land based assets like PBYs be considered? For patrol, mine-laying or aerial torpedo runs? For special missions perhaps?
  6. Query for CV commanders please. Is a kamikaze command for aircraft groups already in-game? If not, do you think it's a viable if not "last-choice" option to have? Even if it means depleting your aircraft resources? Just asking...
  7. etot146

    PT Boats in WOW

    You mean like DDs doing suicide torpedo runs getting wrecked by BBs and cruisers? Or a T71 getting one-shot killed by a Jaegeroo? That's the "fun" part. If you can track and lead aim at a small boat that's zig-zagging at 40 knots while you're trying to dodge other threats like BB guns, CV dive and torpedo bombers and DD torpedoes. Then heck, you deserve a medal for that. Hmmmm, medals, now that's another thread on its own altogether. The gameplay could be a lot like light/medium tanks, where it's more of a seek and destroy CVs or a clean-up role when most ships are too far apart to be in effective gun range. Imagine the despair in the future, when a Unicum PT commander is in the enemy's team at game start? CVs can't just go to the nearest body of water and drown themselves like arty in WOT.
  8. etot146

    PT Boats in WOW

    Just like the WOT tech tree, light tanks do lead to medium and heavy tanks later on up the branches. So maybe it could be considered in WOW as well for diversity of gameplay, rather than be limited to DDs for ship-board torpedo strikes? Just like when the Tier 5 (6) Chaffee got into Tier 10 matches in the old days, easy to kill yes, but deadly if left un-checked. And PT boats do have different types in the PTO and in the ETO/MTO. Not to mention the upgrade options culminating in the post-war types.
  9. etot146

    PT Boats in WOW

    You mean like a T49 in WOT zipping around with a long reload derp gun in higher tiers with little or no armor?
  10. etot146

    Historical Battles Query

    That's true indeed. But why kill an idea just because it didn't work in WOT? Why not try it first and see if it does work? And I'm also suggesting the maps as well.
  11. etot146

    PT Boats in WOW

    Thanks Mingfang... But just for light conversation if I may, the reason given why they're not considered is because of "weak armament". So having four torpedoes that can sink almost any ship in the game is considered weak? Just like light tanks in WOT, IMHO, PT boats can have a place in WOW if given enough thought. Just my two cents.
  12. etot146

    PT Boats in WOW

    Just throwing this out there folks. Would fast and nimble rons of PT boats have a place in WOW? Your thoughts please?
  13. Hi WG, Just got in the Beta testing, loving it and much thanks. I really can't wait until the devs start churning out maps for historical battles. Most especially for the PTO, like the Battles of Midway, Coral Sea, Leyte Gulf and Philippine Sea, just to name a few. Which I'm sure a lot of people will also be interested in. Just thinking of playing as one of Taffy-3's destroyers is already getting my mojo curdling. A chance to re-live or re-write history, albeit just in-game. But, think about it, what if Kurita did push through and broke the Taffy guard? What if Halsey did stay with the battle group at Leyte? Another hit for WG for sure once it goes open. More power to you folks and thanks again.