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  1. paskal

    Error Connecting to Server

    errrr some players (like me) have tight gaming windows, that's why this matters. this week i can play during midnight only due to other planned tasks during daytime. i've lost the opportunity to complete my daily combat misions and container XPs. so yeah, try putting your feet in someone's shoes once in a while. not everyone have luxury of 24hours gaming.
  2. paskal

    Error Connecting to Server

    authorization issue, which means only certain player cannot login. like me and you 😞
  3. paskal

    Keeping the updates files

    Hi, Is there any possible way to keep the updates files? Currently WGC automatically deletes the updates files whenever its finished installing updates. I have 2 sets of gaming PC, one at office, the other at home. Office have 100Mbps internet connection, while at home I have to rely on limited mobile data. Usually I'll copy the updates files from office's PC and paste it at home's PC, but since its auto deleted, I no longer able to do so. Please advice.
  4. paskal

    Error Connecting to Server

    sigh.. i've planned to play from 1am to finish daily combat missions and container XP, but unable to login. will WG compensate this loss of opportunity?? 1 more hour to daily reset.. zzzzzz
  5. paskal

    Big Boys Toys

  6. paskal

    Update 0.8.7 Bug Report Thread

    ok i just check again and get the bonuses now.. thanks!
  7. paskal

    Update 0.8.7 Bug Report Thread

    @GOMBEE8626 does bonus for PTS up for claim yet? because my NA account already able to claim (and I've claimed it). but for ASIA account, it says no bonus available (https://worldofwarships.asia/en/userbonus/)
  8. paskal

    How Far Can You Run

    Here's mine.. just 48km 😞
  9. here's the link if you need to download latest modpack
  10. paskal

    FF actual S...

    Happens to me as well this morning. Was trying to grab last 20 points for token, around 4.55am +8GMT. Enter Coop queue using Cossack, only to get booted to login screen at the same time queue enters me into the battle. Login again, just to found that WG generously award me with PINK suit, lasts for 3 battles. Notification says that battle was DRAW. Geez WG.
  11. paskal

    You lucky Barstool

    i win nothing. oh well.
  12. paskal

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    lol weegee says win 10 union jack camo but give 10 star n stripes instead i'm sad not win the mass 😢
  13. paskal

    Open Beta Download Available

    If I already have fully installed WOWS NA, what should I do so that I don't have to redownload WOWS Asia again?
  14. paskal

    Contest Suggestions

    How about giving CBT to those who reach 10K battles in World of Tanks? I'm waiting too long for this game.