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  1. paskal

    DobbyM8's New Year Giveaway

    count me in - paskal
  2. paskal

    Single Game Client

    I don't think so. Its just an unified setup. If you login via ASIA login info, you'll be in ASIA server. Same goes if you login using NA login info, you'll get in NA server.
  3. paskal

    Washington Navy Yard-- USN BBs are Almost Here!

    Salem is fun as always 🙂
  4. paskal

    Operation Source

    here's my try 😛
  5. paskal

    Operation Source

    @mademoisail I'm wondering how you're gonna verify those screenshot without asking for replay file...
  6. paskal

    King of the Sea XI: Regional Results

    @TheURLguy hi, any news about the unredeemable KOTS code YOUCANTWINALLTHETIME ?
  7. paskal

    Happy Birthday, World of Warships!! Tier VII Challenge.

    Gotta love this brawling machine!!
  8. paskal

    What's your favorite!? Pt. 2

    Azur Lane's Dorm
  9. paskal

    What's your favorite!?

    Flint, my fav ship because I love Narai sooooooo much, and Flint is excellent ship for Narai. Easily can make 2000+ BXP (before the nerf 😞 )
  10. paskal

    Tier V Trouble! Sail's Challenge to YOU!

    Finally correct tier 5 😁
  11. paskal

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    I only get Violet commander, but no 3-day prem, 500dubs and 1mil silver.. bug or what?
  12. paskal

    Win an Exeter – Twitch Drops in 0.9.0

    Hi, I've win this ship from WoWS Twitch stream today and I already have the ship in my port (got it from Xmas container), but why I'm getting 6 million silver instead of 4000+ dubloons?
  13. paskal

    Error Connecting to Server

    errrr some players (like me) have tight gaming windows, that's why this matters. this week i can play during midnight only due to other planned tasks during daytime. i've lost the opportunity to complete my daily combat misions and container XPs. so yeah, try putting your feet in someone's shoes once in a while. not everyone have luxury of 24hours gaming.
  14. paskal

    Error Connecting to Server

    authorization issue, which means only certain player cannot login. like me and you 😞