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  1. q30169

    Clan Brawls

    Same for us in 1AN-E
  2. Just call this what it is, a big middle finger to all Aussie and NZ players. WG saying to us, we don't give a F*** about you. We don't care that you have lives to live. We only care about Japanese, Korean and other Asian players because players we make more money from them. As commander of ANZAF we had fun playing the last CB. I was hopeful that WG would see sense and include a decent amount of their player base in the next campaign. But my hope is now crushed. I for one will not expect any of my clan members to take part in CB, and would call for any AUS/NZ players to boycott the CB as it is discriminatory against them.
  3. q30169

    6.10 PT Bugs

    Tried to get into my first game and got a critical error report. Then loaded into the game and started to play the first game and my keyboard was unresponsive then the game crashed. Loaded back in and then the client crashed again.
  4. Opened it the other day and got 30 days premium account. Other than that got 2x250 flags.
  5. q30169

    How many USS Arkansas ?

    Yep, I have one, because it gets nailed by a CV every time I take it out in PvP. I just use it in PvE and use it to collect some credits which I will convert later. Also use it to develop up my commander.
  6. q30169

    Introduction thread

    hello got my invite today so happy
  7. q30169

    [Video] Results of the Year: 2014

    nice to see you all just got my invite today. installed ready to play new for 2015