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  1. SGador

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    can i ask for the tracking number of both mine and Lgdnry?
  2. SGador

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    if its not too late i have message you about the designated representatives for me and Lgndry's addresses
  3. SGador

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    ok thanks
  4. SGador

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    another question can we send it to a store/office instead of the home?
  5. SGador

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Does it have to be us who receives it or can we let it be care of?
  6. When switching windows in full screen windowed mode custom music will play next song upon switching back to in-game window. Ran task manager while doing so and found out in one battle when music switches ram and cpu usage goes up and doesnt go back down
  7. SGador

    Mysterious Ship Appeared!

    its actually an AO/S ship