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  1. I was told they were Chinese names. Is that true ?
  2. RainCaller_

    Best use of dubloons?

    A good premium ship ?
  3. After updating the game and launching the game I noticed when I logged in all I get was a black screen and nothing else. I checked game integrity and found out I'm missing 10gb of data from my wows folder. it's currently re-downloading those missing files
  4. RainCaller_

    Conqueror with 48% fire chance... is that real?

    Sure let's ask an STer I heard if your hand is bigger than your face, you have [content removed]
  5. Now we wait for someone to get three in a row.
  6. Feels more natural Unlike the new one where sometimes it just stops or changes track instantly
  7. RainCaller_

    Is the yamato bad

    What about the french
  8. RainCaller_

    Need more ideas for joke clans

    I think that's not allowed
  9. RainCaller_

    Need more ideas for joke clans

    What's the gimmick for this Aside from roleplaying as somalian "Traders"
  10. RainCaller_

    Need more ideas for joke clans

    Rules: Must have irrelevant japanese destroyer
  11. RainCaller_

    Need more ideas for joke clans

    The amount of hate that will get in NA hmm
  12. RainCaller_

    Need more ideas for joke clans

    We can always shift it to the EU server where it's more (((appropriate)))
  13. RainCaller_

    Need more ideas for joke clans

    We already worked on the AXIS cult project. We planned on using the AXIS cult sign up sheet https://ih0.redbubble.net/image.352442175.3498/flat,800x800,075,t.u1.jpg But we were advised that [AXIS] might be mistaken for (((something else)) , so we were deciding on [AQUA] instead. [AQUA] will be an actual clan and not a joke clan after we fill up our third branch
  14. We already have NorthKorea or Crusader knights planned. We also worked on a Loli Knight Clan Project. was stopped halfway from an advice by a moderator