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  1. GrampsAU

    everything is unreadable after patch 0.6.10

    Spaces and _ also works Regards Chilli
  2. GrampsAU

    Chat Censor Still Broken

    Please fire the person that is in charge of the chat filter it has been broken since day 1 in this server. The main server chat language is English so can we get somebody that speaks English as a first language to monitor it. As it is you cant even type "No" in chat without it being censored, I mean really????? Since the latest patch it is beyond a joke it seems that every English word is being filtered as a bad word so even relaying instructions via text is impossible. A great way to start season 6 of Ranked Battles. Chilli
  3. GrampsAU

    LAG in port

    Hey guys I was wondering if anybody else suffers from lag when in port. I suffer massive lag in port when ever I click on a tab or open my contacts. I do have 83 ships and I was wondering if this might be the issue? If anybody has a fix (Other than selling ships) for the love of god please let me know. Regards Chilli
  4. GrampsAU

    IJN Torp destroyer line

    I have retired my IJN DD fleet including Shima due to RTF skill I cant make use of the only thing the line had going for it which was stealth now thats gone I dont know what to do with them. Any pointers? Regards Chilli
  5. GrampsAU

    May I ask about chat censorship?

    Cant even type "No" also "Chilli" is considered a bad word so had to remove an "L" to get my name onto game. I would appreciate an answer on why common non offensive English words are "BAD" If they have an alternative meaning in whatever language the censor uses can he please list the meaning so we understand. Thanks in advance. Chilli
  6. Dropped in to say G'day Firmbie ltns. Will hang arround in your TS for a cpl hours see what happens. Regards Chilli
  7. GrampsAU

    New RB Campaign

    As long as any player with 1 week in the game can get dragged through the ranks we are all being penalized by this handicap. It is totally random whether you get a win or not it. Today I have had a bad day mm wise only getting 4 wins on my way to losing 3 ranks all the way back to 12, this was due entirely to the fact that my teams were getting T6 ships all day. If it isn't that its players playing peekaboo from behind islands and refusing to cap any points (Because we all know that wins battles). Please WG next season at least get back to increasing Tiers required to advance its all just a little bit too hard for me and the majority of others to rank up. Tier 8 would have been a much better tier to use after rank 10 at least players have to work a little bit to get them thus giving them some xp in how to play. The way i would have managed tiers required is as follows: 24-15 T5 - T6 15-10 T6 - T7 10-05 T7 - T8 05-01 T8 Super League T10 Regards Chilli PS I know I am not an elite player so trolling me about my stats is not required. Thank-you.
  8. GrampsAU

    Important: April 1 Account Reset

    Hey I believe that it is an attempt on the current date (01-04-2016)... If this indeed the case than I would like to point out that it has to be done on the day in question and before 12:00hrs. I therefore will take this at its face value and perform the necessary action as this post falls outside the parameters of "April Fools". Regards
  9. GrampsAU

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    I also would like to join the ranks of the "SuperTester" not for glory or fame but to genuinely help out
  10. GrampsAU

    Ships Running The Blueline

    I feel a 10 second countdown would be warning enough. As for penalising players by using a similar set up to accidentally running into a friendly ship would not be sufficient deterrent as these penalties are in my opinion not strong enough. But if the penalties for running the blueline caused a player offending scaling penalties every 5 seconds (After 10 second warning), up to losing all credits and xp earned for the battle then i would be in agreement. Regards Aim
  11. GrampsAU

    Ships Running The Blueline

    Hey I like that idea Regards AiM_Tru3
  12. GrampsAU

    Ships Running The Blueline

    Hey guys, I searched this a little (TBH Not that much - First 4 pages in this section) and I am wondering what steps the devs are taking to reduce the amount of this ingame. I have now racked up 400 games since the wipe and I am seeing people who are making this an artform. You can see that they run for the border from the start of the match (Witnessed by own team). Once reaching it they then "Run the Blue line" for the entire battle twitching the angles of their ships making nearly imposable to land hits on them by inexperienced players. This brings me to the point of this post. May I suggest some form of penalty for ships that perform this action, maybe incurr "Flooding Damage" after 10 secs on the line and then adding "Fire Damage" after 20 secs (Times are a general indication). This would deter people from abusing the map boarders to the extent that is occurring ingame as: 1. Flooding damage would force them to use a repair or run the risk of sinking through their own actions. 2. Adding the fire damage as well would really force them to use repair. 3. The use of the repair could reset a timer and start the whole process over again. I think this would solve this problem once and for all. Regards AiM_Tru3
  13. GrampsAU

    B-Zerk.com Now Recruiting

    Hey, thanks for looking at this message. We are actively recruiting for both Social and Competitive members. We are a large gaming community with a strong core group of people playing "World Of Warships". We want to have a strong competitive team primed and ready to go as soon as WG releases the clan competitive side of the game. If you give us a go I can tell you that you will like what you see, If not then you can always resign. What do you have to lose? Step up and join B-Zerk and help form the next chapter in our Community. Jump on our Public Teamspeak and we can have a chat. Website: www.b-zerk.com TS3 : ts3bzerk.com Regards Chillidawg AKA Aim_True Owner Bzerk Gaming
  14. GrampsAU

    Introduction thread

    Hey just like The_DropBear, I also have bought my way in to the CBT. Thought I would drop by and say Hi.