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  1. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    I’m something of a warships fan myself.
  2. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    Tier V Battleship Challenge!

  3. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    Signal Flag Text Bug

    1. Description Some of text in the Signal flag selection menu is cropped. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Log in 2. Select Exterior 3. Select Signal Flag 3. Result Text in the Signal Flag Selection are cropped. 4. Expected result Text are not cropped. 5. Technical details DxDiag.txt Image of bug and DxDiag is provided.
  4. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    how to kongo

    Nice work! :D
  5. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    how to kongo

    Hey! Kongo is a wonderful T5 BB when used right! Her main gun range can make a tier 7 or 8 blush but her accuracy at those range are not that great though you can occasionally get some devastating strike on it. Kongo excels in mid range combat and if you're good, even close range! I usually lead attacks and be around 10km - 15km away from enemies, if I see an opportunity to push, engagement will be close as 5km. Use her manuverability and speed to your advantage, she can get in and out of situations easily. When engaging other battleships, come in at an angle, Kongo's broadside isn't as thick as the others (for speed of course!). Your speed will be at an advantage when engaging another Battleship, you either can get close and circle them or get out of their range (while wiggling).
  6. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    I've done it.

  7. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    birthday giveaway

    Wew Wew!! Thank you and Happy Birthday Drakun~!
  8. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    birthday giveaway

    Gib me drakon-sama !
  9. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Myoko : 2691 xp Myoko fun ship!
  10. Kongo_Kai_Ni

    Hall of Fame 2017-Q2!

    Scharnhorst : 2988 Exp