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  1. _SA9E_

    DELETE this thread - achieved nothing anyway.

    Because your complaint sucks. Typical whining attitude. +/-2 MM is fine for higher tiers. Only a damn idiot would directly face a top tier ship in a bottom tier ship without a plan. Use your brain. Take advantage of openings, weaknesses in enemy fleet formation, critical points in the map, ships' fighting potential, etc. In fact, it's much better to consistently play across all tiers for a better grasp on your role. Become efficient. If you cannot become efficient, don't bother playing. I took the liberty of checking your stats. Goodness, I don't even want to comment on it. At the very least, I can probably say you barely even took the effort to actually learn how to play. No wonder you're complaining about such a basic thing.
  2. _SA9E_

    Luck is a superpower

    then what about comics?
  3. _SA9E_

    Luck is a superpower

    you should watch Deadpool 2, then.
  4. _SA9E_

    Some suggestions

    Complaining why RNCL line exclusively has AP shells for its main batteries is like complaining why French have speed/reload boost. or USCAs for having a utility kit of consumables or KMCAs for their high AP alpha or RUCA/Ls for long range radar and Stalin's blessing or IJNCAs for having nothing lol high HE alpha, long range torps and mobility It's their national identity, you play the ship BECAUSE it has them.
  5. _SA9E_


    aww :patpat:
  6. _SA9E_

    Hurray, CV Rework!

    2 Midway/haku unicum divisions anyone?
  7. Mine's the exact opposite :SerB: I constantly sharpen my skills with the ships I'm compatible with, so I keep the ones I like and keep using em until I get better and better :3
  8. I don't want to sound rude, but... You already have 210 ships in port. Why ask us about coping with bad grinds? You already have all the in-game skills and experience to get through them a LONG time ago.
  9. _SA9E_

    A case for the IJN

    can't say you're wrong XD EDIT: By the way, R3, nice signature
  10. _SA9E_

    A case for the IJN

    i'm a cruiser main, so i can't really say much about the other ship types. Kitakaze and Harugumo are coming to complete the IJN "Gunboat" DD line, so it all works out. BBs are alright, CVs dominate over their US counterparts tier-for-tier. Now, the IJN cruisers... As a guy who has played over 5600 MATCHES on the IJN cruiser line (between 600-900 matches from tier 3-X each), here's my take: As it stands the IJN cruiser line is a jack-of-all-trades line that demands quick reflexes and a lot of guts to use effectively. The shorter gun range forces the player to engage the enemy closer than the other lines, but is compensated by good stealth and mobility second only to DDs. It's a very active line. You're constantly on the move, so they can actually be pretty exciting to use if you know what you're doing. Gonna recommend mastering WASD hax and using Incoming Fire Alert. Low tiers: Hashidate and Chikuma can be written off (cause their t1 and t2, meh :3) Tenryu and Kuma are monsters, but only if you know how to play them properly. In my most humble opinion, mastering these two CLs is the first step to being good in the entire line, because of two reasons Familiarize w their mobility: high speed and agility are both your best weapons and armor as an IJN cruiser. Familiarize w gun range: you will learn to engage enemies at close-to-mid range (7-12 km) I'm not saying you need to be extremely good at them before u go to the next tier. Just keep one or both of them and play with them often in-between your grind towards the higher tiers. Low tier BBs are generally inaccurate, and DDs are still quite fragile at this bracket so it's a good learning environment for training your reflexes and mental strength. Mental strength meaning being able to keep ur cool and not crack under pressure when several ships focus fire on you and come out alive. Mid tiers: Furutaka and Aoba are great ships at top tier, okay at mid tier, but hard to use at bottom tier This is due to their lack of gun range (13.9 for Furu, 14.9 for Aoba) heck this is already a godsend from 13.1 Furu, 14.6 Aoba back then iirc T5-6 are in an awkward position due to the higher number of players in T7-8, so it's normal to be mid/bottom tier constantly. But if you did your homework with Tenryu and Kuma, well... time to put those skills to the test. Best feature would be the high-alpha 203mm guns. The only other cruiser w them at this tier bracket is Pensacola. Myoko is great :3 Good firepower and mobility, decent AA for self-defense and 6 torps per side Downside is the turret traverse. Teaches player to be more efficient in their movements so they can maintain as many guns as they can on the target while constantly on the move. High tiers: Mogami is bae. Great if top, can hold her own in TX matches 155mm IFHE mogami is bae incredible firepower while maintaining great mobility, not to mention 9.3km concealment downside is the short, 15.8km gun range. But as I said - if you did your homework with tenryu to myoko, this is not an issue at all. Ibuki is awkward. Usable, but awkward. basically a beefier version of 203mm mogami but with better torp angles, slightly better AA, and now with heal can be specced for long range, but shell speed is the same 840 m/s, way too slow for this tier making it much harder to hit targets. dont forget to mention 15s reload. definitely needs a reload buff. Zao is great :3 no weaknesses, basically a great all-rounder ship. great guns, mobility, stealth, as always. now even better with 12km torps :3 guess the only true weaknesses would be the low DPM and poor torp angles. The high tiers are great at early game, they are currently the only cruiser line that can sail as close as 4km away from the allied DD for gun support even in open water. Once again, if u did ur homework w the previous tiers, being the closest ship to the enemy aside from the DD wont be an issue. So, to summarize, the IJN cruiser line is pure "vanilla" - no real gimmicks, but has some hidden advantages over other lines. Low DPM, but has highly accurate guns, high HE fire chance and high dmg per salvo Shorter gun range, but better concealment, speed and agility. You can sneak through flanks and be in places the where enemy does not want you to be And the long-range torps
  11. _SA9E_

    WoWS Update 0.7.6

    According to WG's Episode 1 of WATERLINE they are working on CROSS-SERVER CLAN WARS. And if everything checks out, it may even be implemented as early as CB Season 4. That way Primetime will no longer be an issue, since u can battle against clans from other servers in their own respective primetimes. :3
  12. _SA9E_

    AC's protection

    Yes, well, unfortunately WG is already overhauling the entire CV gameplay system and one of the biggest changes is the shift AWAY from RTS style combat. What you're suggesting is available in some RTS titles, and it does work, just that it's unlikely WG will implement it, sadly. Another option is the ability to set a "behavior type" for the plane squadrons if left unselected. Like, say... if you leave a certain squad and set it to "Guard Mode" then the squad will patrol a certain area and engage any ship/aircraft automatically once it reaches the squad's protection area. Or an "Aggressive Mode" that causes the squad immediately start hunting planes/ships by themselves if left alone. Just my two cents. great suggestion though.
  13. _SA9E_

    Is the Server Dying or Is It Just Me?

    Hah, that's nothing compared to me I was unable to login for the ENTIRE DAY! XD
  14. Because Russians prefer it that way. Moskva is a Medium Cruiser by Russian standards, while Stalingrad is the proper heavy cruiser. The rest can be considered as light cruisers. Not kidding. XD
  15. Ya know what else is a game? LIFE. LIFE is a game - Ultra-realistic graphics, real-world physics, but no respawns, no restarts, no saves. Hell you'll never even know when you could just slip and die. Everyone plays it, regardless of opinion, objective, motives, nay, whether or not they want to play the game or not. But ya know the saying, your freedom ends when the right of another begins. Indeed, I highly respect your idea of using games to take a break from the "stressful game" out in the real world. But the fact that you just stated that the time and effort we have spent to CONSTANTLY LEARN, IMPROVE AND HONE our skills in a game that we absolutely love, to go ABOVE AND BEYOND the mediocre and average - TO THE PEOPLE WHO DEEM ALL OF THE SACRIFICES THEY HAVE MADE TO BE WORTH IT - as IRRELEVANT? Don't ever do that. Don't EVER DARE DO THAT. Saying that all the time and effort people exerted and spent to reach a higher level of skill is irrelevant is akin to shatting (because no cuss words :P) on an important aspect of a person's dignity. You are doing exactly just that to the World of Warships competitive community. Just because people take something seriously what YOU don't, doesn't mean it does not deserve to be taken seriously. I'm not gonna say anything bad to you treating WoWs as a "single-player campaign", I respect that decision. If that is your drive to play the game, then go enjoy yourself. ARSENAL is just WarGaming's way of providing extra services to Hardcore and High-tier players. Just because you aren't one does not mean YOU CAN BECOME one. The door to ARSENAL may not be open, but it's not locked either. You are ALL welcome anytime you should decide to enter. All it needs is a good push. :3