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  1. limchowhoon

    Your Black Friday containers

    Bought 5 Black Friday Premium containers for 5,600 doubloons. 3 x 14 x 160% credit 1 x Kearsarge B with 10 pts Capt 1 x Massachusetts B with 10 pts Capt
  2. limchowhoon


    Encourage use of Subs through higher rewards?
  3. limchowhoon

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.11.9

    Since the update, there are frequent disconnection in the game. U can be DCed during the battle and even in port. I have very good WIFI connection and everything is running fine except WOWS. Now I realize why there are so many AFKs. I can get DC 3x in a game and when u reconnect u are blown up already. Please fix this issue or many will leave this game.
  4. limchowhoon


    This is totally unacceptable. We can only use gunfire to shoot Subs. Depth charges are gone...
  5. limchowhoon

    This is a joke

  6. limchowhoon

    I love Anniversary/"Snowflake" events!

    Hi folks My understanding so far... Having T1-4 ships will not increase your snowflakes. If u have 100-199 ships in port, a game with >400 base xp will earn u a bonus to knock off a snowflake from a ship that need not enter a battle. Cheers Lim
  7. limchowhoon

    7th Anniversary code list!

    Many Thanks and have a good day...
  8. limchowhoon

    Bot Fleet?

    They only played in co op.
  9. limchowhoon

    Bot Fleet?

    They are registered in early July and have played a few thousand games each account and their average xp per game is below 100. They are now at T9 BBs.
  10. limchowhoon


    Redeemed...Many Thanks
  11. limchowhoon


    yay many thanks
  12. limchowhoon

    New Code

    Thanks Sambo. Code redeemed.
  13. limchowhoon

    wows code

    many thanks
  14. limchowhoon

    Bonus Codes

    Redeemed all 3!! Cheers
  15. limchowhoon

    New Code

    many thanks for the codes