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  1. limchowhoon

    New Code WOWS4OGH

    many thanks
  2. limchowhoon

    Birthday Coupon - Help Me to Understand

    Hello fellow captains. Happy Birthday!! How to use coupon? 1. I got an email from wargaming 2. I click get gift 3. I logged into wargaming account 4. I check items with a coupon attached 5. I buy 5,000 doubloons for SGD 26.87 6. I got 10,000 doubloons in game. NB: coupons valid for 7 days after u receive email. Remember to buy items with coupons sign. Hope this helps
  3. limchowhoon

    Happy Birthday To Me

    Thanks for the tips bro
  4. limchowhoon

    Happy Birthday To Me

    Hi just wanna know how u guys use the 100% cashback coupon. Thanks in advance...
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    Many Thanks Sir
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    Free 2x Cammo Code

    Many Thanks
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    Fair winds, friends.

    Many Thanks Sail and fair winds ahead...
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    6th Anniversary code master list

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    New Code

    many thanks
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    Code (Gives 1 x WoWs Anniversary camo)

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    Bonus Code

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  12. limchowhoon

    Bonus Code

    Many Thanks