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  1. wintersky222

    High Tier DDs broken?

    In principle, that is correct and i agree with your idea. but in reality with the way that WOWS devs have done this, it doesnt show out. For instance to quote one of many, if you look closely at the website showing the statistics, you would see that CVs does better than DD for all 6 of the important metrics for both the average population and the top 10% population from tier 7s to tier 10s. At Tier 10s though, the difference is even wider by miles. Either look at it yourself or wait for me to post it soon maybe in afew hours where i'll talk more about it. There isnt any balance totally. Not-forgetting you dont get damage, you dont get credits since thats the most factor for credits calculation obviously by pure personal experience which i dont think you can disagree with. It gets even way way way way worse for the Tier 10 IJN DD Shimakaze but that's for another thread which ill make soon
  2. wintersky222

    High Tier DDs broken?

    For those who are still delusional that DDs doesnt need some kind of serious buff, or for those who like charts better as its easier on eyes, here it is below showing DDs are lowest on all the characteristics as compared to any other ship classes, using data from the unofficial link as shared by someone earlier. The first pic is an overall ratio comparison for all the various metrics. The others are individual ones:
  3. wintersky222

    High Tier DDs broken?

    Dude, you're missing the point here. Looks like you didnt understand the gist of what we are trying to say here so far in this thread. No one is asking for higher speeds nor is anyone asking for stuff like 20km torp travel distance or even 15km or undetectable torps. Heck, they can make it 8km or 10km maximum torp distance and i wouldnt mind. I dont think you can find anyone who can use the extra torp distance consistently and reliably other than blind shots or praying some silly ship driver is going to drive straight with the same speed for a long long time. Like Alvin1020 says, the main problem here is with the torp detection range distance, making for 12seconds. Every other ship class has significant upgrades that has clear cut improvements: BBs, CAs have increased health, guns damage, damage distance CVs have more squadrons/planes and torp damage DDs has practically very little DPM torp output increase but torp travel distance increases to 20km/15km BUT WAIT NERF Torp detecion time by 33% from 9s at low tiers to 12.1secs at high tiers. For instance: Take a Tier 4 Isokaze torp output: 14.4k X 6 torps in 47 seconds = 276k damage in 150s (neglect the minor torp reload times for 2nd salvo reload times) A Tier 10 Shimakaze: 21k X 15 rounds in 150seconds = 315k damage in 150s 14% increase in damage for DDs from tier 4 to tier 10. VS Tier 4 BB Myogi: 10k X 1.8 in 1minute = 18k/min Tier 10 BB Yamato: 14.8 X 2 in 1minute = 29.6/min 64% damage increase from Tier 4 to Tier 10 BB & dont get started the comparisons for health points, AA guns etc. Not that i care if they give DDs the same damage output as a tier 4 or with just 10km distance. All we want is just to keep the torp detection range at same as before. The devs buffed all the funny minor stuff (and in so little proportions as compared to other ship classes) but nerfed DD ability for torps to actually hit the target. For a DD, torps are everything. If the ability to hit a target reliably gets nerfed so bad that even a slow BB can dodge almost every single round, then no amount of buffs to damage output or torp max distance will help. The only way for a DD to do any worthy non-minor damage is to just YOLO into super close range at 2km and fire shots and die. Gun rounds by BBs/CAs take like IDK say 10 or 15s at high tiers to travel. But for the same travel distance for torps, it's going to take 1 minute or even way more to arrive. Tell me if the extremely long distance is of any real practical use. Even if it's a silly ship travelling in straight line same speed for 1minute++, there's still like 12s sensor warning for enemy ships to react to. At least they could do a minor buff for the meantime while they figure things out, but it doesnt even seem they feel like its a problem even. Look, the soon to be buff of 3km guns accuracy for BBs doesnt matter to any enemy ships really, except ONE CLASS of ships. That's right: the buff is just to help BBs further against DDs for close-in YOLO suicide attacks. Time will change things? Maybe.... give it say... afew years after BB drivers no longer drive in the same straight line + same speed for long long periods of time and they stop whining about torps.... its funny how you dont hear BB shippers complain as much about Torp Bombers which can even do coordinated attacks from multiple angles which makes it impossible to avoid at least one torp hit, if not more. Change that to You'd be a BOT if you miss it.
  4. wintersky222

    High Tier DDs broken?

    At least they didnt make it even more worse than what it is already now. & funny thing is the devs are giving the new BB Tripitz Torps too.It might not be long before they decide to pander to the BB population and give all BBs torps too. The worst thing is DDs have no proper role definition anymore(at high tiers): Long torps hit distance isnt reliable as torp speeds arent hyper fast nor is blind shooting reliable At middle distances, DDs have an increased chance of hitting targets but 12 seconds of torp detection means only totally tunnel-visioned people cant avoid getting hit. At super short ranges, DD gets shredded apart by 3km increased buff accuracy of secondary armaments of all ships, notforgetting primary ship guns which are even more devastating. Either the devs dont read numbers at all or they're intentionally oblivious to this due to the noise of the BB crowd, that they choose to balance ships by viewpoint instead of statistics which show that DD are down on every single important metric. "GOOD JOB DEVS"
  5. wintersky222

    High Tier DDs broken?

    Sounds like a waste of credits given that no xp is gained for no hits and that torpedos are expensive at high tiers going by what i read elsewhere in forums... Feels like it is just going to waste credits totally even playing at tier 10s especially if so. BBs receiving a buff in 4.1 for gun precision at close ranges for 3km and below...... pretty much against DDs YOLO method even more.... Dammit, they might as well delete DDs entirely. I'm just going to raise my "No Fix= No Money For WOWS" banner from now on
  6. wintersky222

    High Tier DDs broken?

    CarbonMonoxide, on 17 August 2015 - 07:03 AM, said: Do Destroyers(high tier as the topic mentioned) usually get more kills than others? http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20150805t/average_class.html For top 10% players Win rate: BB->53%,CA->53%,CV->58%,DD->51% DD is lowest Average Exp: BB->1796, CA->1416, CV->2201, DD->1222 DD is lowest Average damage: BB->65296, CA->40220, CV->79269, DD->28262 DD is lowest Average Kills: BB->0.97, CA->0.87, CV->1.54, DD->0.69 DD is lowest K/D: BB->2.25, CA->1.76, CV->8.55, DD->1.28 DD is lowest any more arguments? if no, then I can now declare, DD is underpowered Thanks for the statistics. Nothing is more clear than numbers no matter what everyone else says. With the numbers, it's pretty clear cut that DDs are just going pretty much to be only a spotter role in Tier 10 matches, especially with BBs buffed when rudder shift time dropping by 4s in 4.1 as one of the above posters said It is sad how WOWS devs focus primarily on ship balance as a whole for all tiers together. If as said about 2.1km spotting distance with 12 seconds reaction time + BB rudder shift time decreased.... it's pretty sad. I can only but think that the devs are intentionally not doing something to DDs due to the strong vocal opposition by BB drivers. From the various statistical metrics, it looks like DDs are just pretty much broken. Sadly i still like DDs pretty much for now so i will still grind up for grindings sake to see how its like. But well, WOWS isnt going to get my money until they fix up the imbalance. IF they ever fix it.....
  7. wintersky222

    High Tier DDs broken?

    Hi all, Just asking as im quite new to the game about a week ago... What is the actual role of high tier DDs in this game? Read some forums posts and quite some are saying that high tier DDs are quite irrelevant to the game since CVs have more plane squadrons and all it needs is just to tag one fighter/bomber plane squadron to your DD for long durations until you get back to friendly Cruiser AA cover. That and the fact that tier 5 and tier 10 DDs have just practically only a torp range distance increase only and one still needs to get relatively close range to secure actual torp hits.... as long range torp shots are just based on luck. The below is what i've read from forums so far.... CVs Torp squadrons can: 1. Fire Torps at very short range distances (no danger to CV itself) 2. Fire torps at multiple angles to secure hits 3. Theres like 4 or 5 Torp squadrons for each CV) 4. Scout multiple areas with all the squadrons 5. Able to fire torps without risking damage to CV itself 6. AA fire only happens at close range Cruisers have: 1. Ranged guns + higher damage 2. Short range torps 3. Good AA 4. Same speed as DDs DDs have: 1. Long range torps which cannot be consistently reliably depended on for hits 2. Risk damage to DD itself by firing torps at close range compared to CVs 3. Saving grace is 20 seconds of non-action and running away after firing will cause non-detection Are high tier/Tier 10 DDs actually broken in the game? Should i even try to level up DD at all even or stay where i am? Wouldnt want to waste time going all the way levelling to find that it's really hard to play when im not learning well enough for low tier matches yet....
  8. Talking about this video i chanced across... its here. In there they said that it was specifically allowed by WOWS.... Dont think it's been banned yet as according to the video WOWS devs interpretation is that this is just dependent on prediction still as gun rounds need time to fly instead of an instant hit.... how does this not give an advantage.... It's like people talking about 30x zoom mod and others in WOT.... zoom mod confers an obvious advantage but some poor souls said it doesnt.... it can be shown mathematically actually.... but never mind about that...
  9. No doubt skill makes a difference in the game, but i do wonder if they do platoon in their matches too and how many matches in platoons and how much platoon-ing adds to winrate. Dont know about the others, but while Deathskyz is no doubt a much better player than me, but everytime ive seen him in WOT, ive only seen him in platoons and never alone for all the years ive seen him ingame. Though i do not know if he platoons as much in WOWS. + the fact that the WOWS playerbase is quite new, like me who has joined only less than a week ago and struggling to understand all the mechanics. Platoons do make alot difference. In WOT, ive had matches in either a 2 or 3 person platoon getting up to 20+ win streaks quite often ( read 90+% WR overall playing together). Team dynamic was great although individually we werent as good. Didnt play much in time with these individuals as i prefer to solo and learn to improve my individual skills, playing 90%+ of my matches solo as ive never joined a clan ever. What im more concerned about is that there are already aim mods out there that provides a huge advantage by automatically aiming at predicted points. Whats interesting is that they are allowed by WOWS devs specifically. I sense terrible days ahead.....