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  1. dobbie143

    ARP Takao Mission

    and im already seeing takao on pubs.. and it has been what? 2-3 days since mission started.....
  2. dobbie143

    frustrated with cost t7 and above

    even with prem, good skills, if your team loses you wont break even on high tiers, so basically WG wants you to shell $$$, now how about those who doesnt have $$ to spend around? basically stops you from playing high tiers due to high repair costs
  3. did you know that there are only 1 set of gunners for the secondaries?? that's why you can only fire on one braodside.. (trolling)
  4. dobbie143

    Gun Fire Control System module

    what i would like is aside from the range increase being provided by an unlocked FCS it should also include reducing dispersion, they did add artillery plotting room mod, and if thats not possible how bout secondary guns? i mean increasing it's range after upgrading fcs
  5. Im pertaining to the module upgrade, not the one being bought, WG should decrease dispersion of the guns and should work as well for the secondaries, (range buff) im actually at a loss as to why an upgraded FCS(intended to make a more accurate gun IRL) makes primary guns here be less accurate
  6. FCS for me is broken, why? simple actually, WG doesnt follow logic at all, FCS in game functions to decrease accuracy of the guns, not increase it,(while in real life FCS makes the gun more accurate) and additional range only works for the main batteries, doesnt do nada for secondaries
  7. started a thread about having full conrtol over secondaries, shot to death coz so many doesnt like the idea, too many CA/CL/DD captains here that hates the idea
  8. dobbie143

    suggestion: USN 5"/38 secondary buff

    heck iowa supposed to have 33km range on it's main guns, 14km on the secondaries, of course WG wont implement them, in game iowa has 27km max range + module, secondaries a paltry 7km..... and has drunk crew on em
  9. and i heard WG trying it's best to at least make things accurate as possible, so all secondary gunners are handicapped, probably 1 man per turret
  10. secondary guns of iowa indeed are the same as those on atlanta, now how bout increasing accuracy, range and ROF? im already using MFC and boy, feels kinda useless
  11. as the title itself suggests, instead of having AI control your secondaries, have the player control it directly, why? because im quite sure that players will be able to shoot more effectively, thoughts anyone?
  12. WG wants newbs to not see this post, more $$ for em
  13. 1.4m exp that's enought to get till t9,
  14. repairs, this may be [content removed] but on my NoCal I notice that even if you arent damaged entire game, you still get charged 50k+ repair, what do they repair when youre not damaged? Derogatory. Post edited. ~amade