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  1. Thanks guys. Actually , I've looked at my friends profile.He told me that he played during March but guess what, he was incorrect terribly.He played just not long time ago, during mid September. Sorry guys for the inconvenience I've made. Dear dev, you can officially close this .
  2. I'd like to question regard this matter. And one more thing, When did the last account wipe occurred ? Because my friend said that he and his friends account are still keep intact, after close beta.Is it just me or many people have exception regarding account wipe? By the way, I start playing this game during early March, 2015.
  3. aizatbaik

    WoWs X Kancolle Voice

    need it
  4. aizatbaik

    What are you reason's playing WOW'S?

    1.large caliber guns 2.Yamato 3.Cannot hide behind buiding like WoT 4.Challanging
  5. aizatbaik


    Waiting for Italian navy and French navy