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  1. Please close the thread i purchased the 3 in 1 package.without discount ^_^ downloading now
  2. ah ok nah i don't think its a gift else they would have written Buy ship and get complementary or Free CBT access. although i get your point.
  3. Hamster24

    Why I Dont Get Cbt code

    haha good point
  4. @AALG it was not mentioned in the gift shop that CBT access will be given when the ships were at discount. it was announced later after the end of the discounts that people who bought with discount will also get the CBT code. So many people like me would have not bought thinking they will not get CBT access btw what is in your avatar?
  5. Hamster24

    Torpedo nets

    good creative torp nets i don't think it will get implemented in game
  6. Hamster24

    New graphics card?

    For me its in the right
  7. as there was no CBT access on the pre-order packages when they were at discount. so i thought it would take many months to play those ships. but then after few days WG announced CBT access with pre-order packages when the discount was over so is there any chance those ships will get some discounts again? Closed on OP's request. ~amade
  8. There was no CBT access when they were at discounts and exactly that was the reason i didn't buy it thinking it would take months for the "Release" and thought i will buy later when one can get into the game.