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  1. FlankerXraveN

    Update 0.6.6 Feedback

    Despite getting 3 outcomes with all objectives completed. I still can't help but think that this scenario should be played by Tier 7 or 8's, If it weren't for the sheer luck in Citadels or amazing fore-casting of the enemy ships done by our carrier player, we would have easily lost the friendly Lexington.
  2. FlankerXraveN

    friendly bots worse than enemy

    Well, i was playing co-op and i got friendly fired by fellow players so...that happens too.
  3. FlankerXraveN

    Why is it Atago?

    Who doesn't like Pan-Paka-Pan!
  4. FlankerXraveN

    What ships did you have to part with?

    My 2 lovely Ships at Tier 8, Amagi and Mogami...Now grinding my way back to them!
  5. FlankerXraveN

    Universal account, gold, and CBT.

    When though, i seldom play WoT anymore.
  6. FlankerXraveN

    Universal account, gold, and CBT.

    Do they intend to allow it?
  7. FlankerXraveN

    Universal account, gold, and CBT.

    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but now that they state that -> Unified Premium Account Update 0.4.0 brings Unified Premium Account from World of Tanks into World of Warships, meaning you will be able to reap the benefits of having a Premium account shared across all of your games. Does it mean gold can be used on both games or still just tanks?
  8. FlankerXraveN

    Preliminary Japanese tech tree changes

    Hmmm, thanks, is that 16inch or 18inch guns?
  9. FlankerXraveN

    Preliminary Japanese tech tree changes

    Anyone Izumo pictures?
  10. FlankerXraveN

    BB Banzai Charge

    LOL because every AI match should be at least a 100k dmg match.
  11. FlankerXraveN

    BB Banzai Charge

    Do check his profile, it's kinda self-explanatory lol.
  12. FlankerXraveN

    BB Banzai Charge

    Yolo Charge into AI? That's hardly worth a mention, not to mention if it was a random battle and you popped out, instead of being lucky like our thread starter here, you might just end up with zero damage.
  13. FlankerXraveN

    0.3.1: interchanged Mogami and Myoko

    So let's say if i have Mogami but no Myoko so suddenly i wake up one day having a tier 8? Like my IS4 when it got buffed?!?!?
  14. They mentioned on the recent Anchor report that they are looking into it. Soooo there may some form of hope.
  15. As per topic title, Interchange tiers? Armament? It's too vague in such a short description or i am simply not getting the meaning of it. O damn, i think i posted it in the wrong section. If a kind Moderator could help me shift it to Questions and Answers please!