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  1. dekvisa

    0. 9. 10 bug report

    destroyed ship didn't go down under those who are alive. 20201118_165214_PBSC206-Devonshire_22_tierra_del_fuego.wowsreplay
  2. อิ่มมันฝรั่ง ? 555ล้อเล่นนะ ลองย้ายๆก็ดีแต่ระวังกลับที่เดิมไม่ได้นะ 555
  3. ผสมๆของ EN สินะครับ ว่าแต่หัวแคลนเป็นคนชาติไหนหรอครับ?
  4. dekvisa

    DDs limitation

    sry i might misreading it but in my friend+me opinion 5 DDs are too much in high tier game like this (already ask owner for permission to use these pictures). if it's the last thing Dev want to do i'm going to tell my friends about this thanks Ming
  5. dekvisa

    DDs limitation

    pls ignore my bad grammar. my friends and i have common thinking that sometimes there're too many DDs per team/per game and that effect gameplay a lot such as make BB scare to go to front line and keep sniping from far away so i start this poll to gather information before starting new topic in Developer's section
  6. dekvisa

    Solo warrior !

    it's very hard to complete this achievement and i completed it once in OBT so lets share your Solo warrior moments/screenshots
  7. is this normal ??? lol
  8. dekvisa

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    i'm thai i have skype and TS3 i can use english well even my forum points are low but if you let me join i promise i'll check news in forum frequently. please apply me