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  1. DePunischa

    [MOD] Japanese naval ensign "Rising Sun Flag" for IJN ships.

    This flag mod is [content redacted] Which part of the announcement linked in the post preceeding your post, do we need to type slower for you to comprehend ? Let me quote and emphasize the important part : Keep your grievances regarding the Rising Sun emblem, whether personal, political or nationalistic, and whether they are pro or con on the issue, outside the forums and the game. Content redacted, user sanctioned. /AALG Moderation team, WoWS Asia ​
  2. DePunischa

    CBT code

    WG changed conditions on preorder packages....now you really can enter CBT with any purchase...in the past they wrote a purchase will not give you access to CBT. they changed this on 14.04.2015
  3. DePunischa

    CBT code

    no worries...in general is not so hard to enter closed beta..simply post frequently in forum and you will be automatically invited after 1-2 weeks...
  4. DePunischa

    CBT code

    with purchase of any these preorder packs you will receive Access to the open beta not to the closed beta...at the moment WoWs is for more than 1 month still closed beta...which means even if you buy now, you have to wait still a long time until you can play....
  5. DePunischa

    CBT code

    not correct, pre-ordering ships do not give you access to the game
  6. DePunischa


    Let see, I can imagine in 3-4 years to see a exclusive rare xmas premium submarine for 130 US$ in Giftshop! But for the moment any type of submarines are not fitting in this game!...lets end here
  7. DePunischa

    Video: Glorious Imperial Japanese Navy

    well, if you follow strict the forum rules then you can delete 50% of all posts in every forum..
  8. DePunischa


    if WG decides to add submarines to this game then the destroyer class ships need to be upgraded too with sonar and water bombs etc...also the matchmaking have to be adjusted...a battle with many submarines will be pretty boring....
  9. DePunischa

    Video: Glorious Imperial Japanese Navy

    Yes agreed this topic may too complex and too hot for Asia server, because it will be the future main area of maritime warware in Asia.
  10. DePunischa

    Video: Glorious Imperial Japanese Navy

    zam2311 to talk deeper about Geopolitics make less sense here because it will bring no agreement...if you ask 20 people then you will receive 20 different answers. The big bully is also not China...the dispute in South China Sea is between 10 different nations... Per example only the Spratley islands are claimed by Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Philippines, China and Indonesia. All of these smaller points of tension are subsets of a larger and even more fundamental dispute among the south China Sea nations. One problem is already that nations like Japan, Taiwan and Philippines are not really independent nations. Especially Taiwan is even not recognized as a country by US, but is like Japan a good place to sell weapons. US Military will build up 8 new military bases in Japan and Philippines alone in the coming years... Many people are against this, which caused per example recently a lot of protest between Japanese Government and Okinawa prefecture. Another problem is the Vietnamese exclusive economic zone which count around 60% of the South China Sea also not meet the criteria under Untied Nation convention of the law of the sea. As you can see there is a lot conflict potential in the region.
  11. DePunischa

    WWII naval movies

    I found the movie U-234 Das letzte Boot Geheimmission Tokio not bad because it based on a true story.
  12. DePunischa

    Video: Glorious Imperial Japanese Navy

    Well Gr1zzly I think your hope is under bad stars....here in South East Asia the situation worsen every month...so many possible conflicts can escalate anytime... per example last week the Japanese navy put in service the largest ship since end of 2nd World War. Officially is called Helicopter destroyer because Japan can not have an Aircraft Carrier without changing the constitution. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izumo-class_helicopter_destroyer USA like to sell the F-35 Marine Version to Japan which fit well on this carrier...of course China and Taiwan are worried now because they have the Senkaku island dispute with each other...
  13. DePunischa


    Thanks Adampurkis! Nice try, but I expected more creativity from you here!
  14. I think the minimum requirements are at the moment Windows XP, any CPU which is supporting Streaming SIMD Extensions 2, 1.5 GB RAM, GPU Card with 256 MB RAM which supporting DIRECTX 9c, network speed with 256 kbps... You are Right, there are differences even with the same hardware but different config.... Personally I install most games in a RAMDISK image which increase very much the speed...
  15. Adding weather conditions and more waves will slightly increase the minimum hardware requirements. WG like to have as much as possible amount of players also with weak computer, therefore Devs delay these features but I am pretty sure this will come to a later point.