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  1. lowkeynation

    Open Letter to Wargaming World of Warships

    actually WoT have an event where players who win 7 times in a tier 7 tanks get a free slot. this can be repeated for 7 times. also many free tanks for a certain events. i just sell those free tanks. tier 2..i was constantly playing tier 8 n above at the time
  2. lowkeynation

    That Moment When....

    >be me >playing mutsuki >get into random battle >hell yeah top tier! >5 mins into battle >saw 1 furu (low hp) battling it out with enemy Fuso >thinking he is gonna sink, i better torp Fuso now, >full salvo of torps released at 7km distance >furu salvo enemy Fuso >enemy Fuso Detonated!! (???!!) >wtfbbq >torps heading str8 to Furu who is trying to evade >evaded all except 1 >he sunk >i kryd
  3. lowkeynation

    Open Letter to Wargaming World of Warships

    Bemoans at WG for using money system and then later use EA as a their good example. I lol'd hard at this. Look, I play WoT and yes spent a decent amount of money on it "to get better Kiwirat" but I knew from then that WG is truly not a P2W. I joined a clan and the clan leader assess my gameplay and it turns out that the reason behind this is I don't fully use the game mechanics. I relearn how to play it and my kiwirat actually get better even though I'm not premium. Then WoWS came along and I knew from the start that I must learn the game mechanic and tactics. I also fully utilise coop capability (Division) and I do get better results. I'm actually winning and able to turn the tide for my team (I carried the game most of the time). Of course I lost a few games and get detonated but I look at it at a positive view. More flags to not get detonated. All of my ships are at least equipped by this flag. So there, you have a bad game every now and then (or all the time). Take an hour off. Play something else. Do something else. Or watch awesome players on twitch. Or get your friend to play with you. If not, heck you can play with me. Just PM me whenever.
  4. lowkeynation

    I need to vent :(

    find balance in the div..i often use DDxCA / CAxBB / BBxCV or just basically varied form of ship types. this way, one ship can cover the weakness of the other and vice versa
  5. lowkeynation

    Last day for Ranked.

    btw i lovee that u use Sims...ever since the 9km torp upgrade, i always win
  6. lowkeynation

    Last day for Ranked.

    played rank once..planned to play more ranked battles...but work got in the way..so i can't play ranked..dem
  7. lowkeynation

    New Nations

    yup its the same as warspite...i hope it will come out as premium although its very unlikely..but according to wiki HM Malaya has 533 mm torpedos...but nevertheless here's to hoping. I mean, other than HMS Malaya, her sister ship HMS Prince of Wales is also kinda historic
  8. lowkeynation

    New Nations

    could say the same when The Malaya is chasing you from the back
  9. lowkeynation

    For Credits !

    Ah luckily i grabbed the Sims while I can
  10. lowkeynation

    New Nations

    i prefer a balanced number of guns in aft n bow..symmetrical configuration..that always give me a impression...
  11. lowkeynation

    Why I love WOWS Asia as much as I did WOT Asia

    living dangerously are we? nice..see you in battle
  12. lowkeynation

    Why I love WOWS Asia as much as I did WOT Asia

    how would you balance? somebody gotta be the protector of the DD if things went sideways
  13. lowkeynation

    New Nations

    really weird configuration of ship that Nelson
  14. playstyle same as mine..although im okay with 2 diff playstyle..snipe torp DD (IJN) or gunboat (USN/Soviet) im comfortable on both..although im more into soviet DDs..them citadel hits is getting me hooked!