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  1. RSVPing for this - nice to see some WG love for us Wellingtonians
  2. The Karl is suckier even than the tier 2 chester - it's an embarrassment - still slightly better than the furutaka, at least the K can be effective in low tier matches and vrs DD's - the F---taka is useless full stop
  3. MasterWolf

    115 Pearls?

    i'm with you - i dont play CV's so i cannot get there - they need to lower the goal post a little maybe 100 pearls
  4. MasterWolf

    Like and Share Project R

    nice they have rest the goal posts but 145 individual pearls is still going to be a huge task by Dec 29 - there are not even enough pearls on offer atm to get there - you have to be able to play and complete all the weekly to have a chance - which is naff for those of us that celebrate x-mas and may be afk for a week or so
  5. MasterWolf

    Bismarck and Tirpitz preview!

  6. MasterWolf

    Carrier Torps - Manual Drops are Broken

    Now if only the game respected this for planes as well - then hiding against the land mass might actually give you some protection from torp bombers - at least from on direction
  7. MasterWolf

    Carrier Torps - Manual Drops are Broken

    Easy to say - not so easy to do when you are also watching the DD's for their torp tells at the same time As Alvin pointed out the lack of AAA makes torps OP in low tiers
  8. ok so just had 2 flights drop within 1km of me (one at 700m) naturally no way in the world to avoid them This really needs to be fixed - you have to have some change to evade or they are massively OP in sub tier 5 where AAA is mostly non-existant - esp on Japanese ships A 1.5 or 2k limit would still see them damn dangerous but stop them being broken.
  9. MasterWolf

    So you wanna play Destroyers ?

    Excellent choice - one of the most fun classes in WoWS But you ask - what is the difference between USA and IJN ?? As this is the newcomers area i'll confine myself to tiers 2 -5 and talk in fairly general terms At these low tiers both are primarily torpedo boats - they have really fast torp reload times and fairly average guns so the torp is their main weapon. So USN - DD killers - The US Navy DD's are dedicated destroyer hunters - their torps are short ranged, slowish and do not hit very hard - but they have lots of them and separate port and starboard broadsides so you get double the fun. They also have guns that excel at killing other Destroyers and can even annoy a cruiser if used right. What they are not however is brawlers - they lack the armour and HP to do this as well as a cruiser and must rely on agility to stay alive - so fire off a spread, then snap of a few HE rounds and RUN until your torps reload. With USN DD's try to pick your targets - lower tier cruisers are fair game but and equal or better tier cruiser or any BB is going to eat you alive in short order. You can sometimes get in really good torp runs on these big opponents, but don't expect to sink too many unless you get lucky. What you will do is annoy the heck out of them and soften them up for the main fleet. Spread your torps out unless you have a sure thing - you fire a lot so a wide spread can make it hard for the enemy to dodge them all - you don't do as much damage but if you are hunting DD's one is enough. ok so onto the IJN - the glass cannons of the WoWS lineup at low tiers They have a limited number of long rage fast running, hard hitting torps and are a terror to any unsuspecting or inattentive ship of any size. IJN DD's are ship killers - they can drop a BB in one salvo and many Cruisers in 1 or 2 torps (what they do to enemy DD's if they hit is best not described using PG language) The problem is - they are fragile and they do not have a lot of torps - so you need to pick your shots to make them count. On IJN guns - forget it - at best they are handy for finishing off a crippled ship or setting fire to a fleeing carrier - other than that - the guns on an IJN DD are best left as decoration - if you are concentraing on shooting the guns you are not dodging, or setting up your next run and both of these are much more important A pair of IJN DD's especially isokazes (as at their tier one torp is deadly) can own an entire match by combining their fire and flooding the enemy fleet with an un-avoidable spread of torps. A word to the wise - spam torps with care - your torps will run a long way and an incautious drop can often see your team mates being the in intended victims of your enthusiasm. - They will not thank you for it!!! Try to use the close spread setting as it increases your chance of a deadly blow and means that even at the end of your run the chance of a hit is high if they do not dodge. onto a bit about the DD's worst enemy AA fire - TURN IT OFF - if you are trying to be stealthy - the moment you open up on enemy aircraft you generate spotting checks and almost certainly loose any cover you had. Turn it back on once you are in the thick of things - but your smoke is far less effective if some ensign is rattling of 100 round bursts off AA tracer from the back deck at a spotter plane when you are trying to run for your life..
  10. MasterWolf

    patch notes (from the russians)

    So now you have me wondering what other common contractions/slang are verboten??? is Pom or Yank ok ?? Be nice if they had a set of "proscribed terms" so people actually knew what the forum rules were
  11. MasterWolf

    patch notes (from the russians)

    Also the really cool jap premium light cruiser is gone now they just need to give us some gold so we can test the new russian omaha
  12. New ships: Soviet light cruiser Murmansk (USS Milwaukee) used by Soviets from 1944 till 1949 and then returned to USA. Ship changes: Some Japanese destroyers get faster turning turrets and shorter reload times Fixed a bug that caused 1hko of destroyers most if the time if AP shell hit below the waterline Fixed glitches in the scope mode New maps: Return of "New Dawn" map An experimental "Ocean" map without any obstacles Map fixes: Superiority mode now adds 3 points per second instead of 4 Speed of capture depends on 2 ships only. Though capture points are distributed to all ships in area Interface: Credits after the battle are now shown without taking repairs and ammo in consideration Post-battle screen now correctly handles torpedo damage Post-battle screen now has a game logo Added limit to how many 'special' symbols you can enter when creating a chat channel Removed block of crew retraining for piasters button in case if player doesn't have enough credits Removed block of buy button when buying Soviet ships using piasters Now you can buy a ship without the crew Link "report a bug" now leads to player support center Now you can see the cost of removing your mods from the ship you're planning to sell Fixed incorrect displaying of prices when changing modifications Now you can see how many days of premium are left Added a link for premium shop Changed rates for map distribution Bug fixes: Fixed a bug that prevented client from saving its state after closing Decreased crash occurrences Fixed crash possibility when exp transferring Fixed crash possibility when clicking 'combat efficiency' (sorry if I'm wrong here, don't have English client) Fixed crash possibility when researching of ships takes long time (?) Fixed incorrect display of gun fire effects at maps "Big Race" and "North" Somewhat improved bot navigation Fixed incorrect behaviour of torpedo tubes when switching fire modes (out of range fix) Fixed flying camera at the end of battle Fixed bug when torpedo assist was still visible after ship destruction Fixed incorrect display of slots after getting a premium ship Fixed button of the previous ship in the Hatsuharu research tree Fixed daily duty button thanks to senaya on reddit for the translation
  13. MasterWolf

    WoWs X Kancolle Voice

    please please please make this a ban hammer offence
  14. MasterWolf

    The Iwaki Alpha

    ok found it she's a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenry%C5%AB-class_cruiser http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tenryu_ONI.jpg
  15. MasterWolf

    The Iwaki Alpha

    love to know what the real world ship was though