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  1. da_vinzi

    Color Japanese BB pics..

    Too bad we won't be seeing any battleships commissioned at this day and age...
  2. da_vinzi

    Close-up photo of Yamato-class BB Firing

    I'm no expert but is that the silhouette of Yamato or is that another IJN battleship?
  3. da_vinzi

    Travel Mode Gun Lock

    I don't think it would be of a great advantage since it wouldn't change the traverse speed of the guns and their accuracy, besides, realistically speaking, ships only bring about their guns when they the enemy's bearing. This would have little effect for cruisers and destroyers (since they can pretty much turn their guns in a pinch) it would be of help to battleships since their gun traverse are horrible.
  4. da_vinzi

    Travel Mode Gun Lock

    Right now we can lock guns into fixed point. Can we add an option to lock the guns into "travel mode" meaning the bow guns are locked in 0o and the stern guns are locked on 180o? I believe this would be helpful for ships who have very slow gun traverse speed especially during those first few minutes of the game where you have no clue on where the enemy will pop out. This would reduce the time it would take to point all the guns to the enemy. Not sure if there was an earlier post about this. If there is, forgive me for reposting.
  5. Been experiencing the same issue as well. Won a lot of battles but it only shows 2 victories. Got a screenshot if anyone needs it.