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  1. Dodgy_Bob

    CV's too OP and broken - Im out

    Sort your collective shit out WG. You've just lost my subscription coin..... Mr Good Citizen, yes you can haz my stuff... 🙂
  2. As the CV situation is still broken as, Im out. Needs to be re-balanced urgently, and I wont spend my time getting frustrated over that class of ship being OP along with a heap of ineffectual play styles. Im happy to go spend my money and time else where WG. Shame really, Ive been around since Alpha testing and havent experienced this much one sided frustration since starting my gaming time with WG, both on WoWs and WoT. So long.
  3. Dodgy_Bob

    CV still OP @@

    CV's are as broken as f^#% and way to OP . Im out, I'll gladly put my money into another game. WG wont fix it. Im out.
  4. Dodgy_Bob

    Introduction thread

    Got my steaming kit ready to sail. Looking forward to closing up to action stations. pew pew