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  1. Mohaupt

    End of Soviet event, not bad

    Last directive: 12 containers at 5 box, cannot even get the Tallinn camo. Another event aim to make you buy doublons 😞
  2. Mohaupt

    Australia - World of Lagships

    a 200 ping is not that bad, here in Maldives its 250 ms in good days, 300-350 ms is the norm You learn to compensate and after a while its fine to play with it. The only issue is those pesky Destroyers
  3. Mohaupt

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Easier solution will be to disable any offensive (guns, torps, AA) or defensive (repair) as soon the Blue Line is reached, that will discourage Blue Line Campers Also, you may not even notice it if you are focused on targeting other ships, a visual and sound warning when to reach the line may help.