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  1. xDanz

    First Impressions CBT

    First impression? I really love this game compared to WoT, I mainly use cruisers, (cleveland class is hart.) but some of my best games so far where in DDs! (sank 2 BBs <3) however CVs are the most difficult ship for me to manage, barely gets any kills, but i love i support the team by forcing BBs to dodge my torps, but most of the time when a DD spots me w/o escort, goodbye. xD. really like this game.
  2. interestingly enough, even if the BBs do just lie around, CVs can and WILL kill them easily. a crisscross torp run will likely make 3+ torp hits, and will eventually kill the BB ;) I do hope they buff the torp bomber damage thou. 4~6k avg. vs 11~17k on the DDs and cruisers @.@
  3. xDanz

    Philippine Marines Do you Experience....

    using Sun Broadband, usually has an ping of around 150~ms. decent enough.
  4. already did that, still no reply. I can wait thou. im gonna give that key to a friend ^_^
  5. already recieved mine. but one of the codes didn't work. sadly.
  6. I got my keys now thou. thanks Wargaming!