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  1. jpkiwi

    Artillery Lead Calculation

    OK...Check this out some really interesting stuff to add what Gordon_Rudsay says in his excellent post https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematical_discussion_of_rangekeeping
  2. jpkiwi

    What's the meaning of this icon?

    WA gets 30 pings...Rest of aussie ..dont
  3. jpkiwi

    Just out of curiosity.....

    think Aussie is third I think Jap/ Kor? Aus
  4. jpkiwi

    Submarines may be coming

    who knows ... be a hell of a lot of fun trying to sink subs..but still trying to fight other ships as well..however if they think they can make money from it ..there will be subs ;-)
  5. Taken from Ritas http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/ ...which she got from gamescon15 - earlier WG said that there will be no submarines in WoWs but now they are thinking about it - it's possible the WoWs cruiser class will be split into "light" and "heavy" cruisers
  6. jpkiwi

    change the name "divisions"

    Thx mate..I just read that... Oh DuH!!!!!!! Thx dead, for the lesson
  7. OK disregard this post, I made a massive BooBoo
  8. Thank you WG.. I shall eat humble pie..I did not expect this.. I feel like a valued customer again ;-) Well played, Sirs..Well played.
  9. jpkiwi

    How about a heads up

    Yea OK..I would have liked a nice big sticky that says..Dear Players..Yea we seem to have stuffed our net code up..however we will try to resolve the problem by < insert time here> Not some half weak ..well yea we know we have a problem half ass paragraph . Or even better Guys as this has to be sorted out half way around the world by people in a different time zone we have no idea when it will be fixed ;-) ..Oh well ..How terrible .. Different game ..same WG silliness.
  10. jpkiwi

    How about a heads up

    Of what the hell is going on.. RE: the ping and lag .. About time someone gave us a little bit of info..
  11. jpkiwi


    Lots of people having problems..Mind u "Conkhead_12" has posted that its just our net LOL. But really yes there is a problem somewhere.
  12. jpkiwi

    1000MS LAG

    @ Conkhead_12 Hope you super test better than your posting ;-) There is a problem, what it is, I have no idea.. It is not my net ..
  13. jpkiwi

    1000MS LAG

  14. jpkiwi

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    well.. Time will tell, They need to fix so many things at this point. CV blue line crap.. However thats why its a beta..will just take them time.. I going to start a new account on the NA server.. ;-)