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  1. Arthur_Kirkland

    Dive Bomber lack of damage logic

    thanks for your responses. I do think about vital area damage dealt, so i can understand it, thank you once again. and.. in real life, bomb has a timer that can activated when touch object or waters, so a splash damage maybe possible to happen (?) or can we order planes to do kamikaze strike ? for extra damage. heheh i just think CV needs to be buffed. It's kinda weak.. slow and when you ran out of planes, it ends. (but i don't mind if it gone by kamikaze XD). at least.. i can do more damage. last think, it's not like i'm not satisfied with CV, the exp gained from killing planes etc is still high, it just OMG i'm dead when meet a higher tier CV.
  2. Arthur_Kirkland

    Dive Bomber lack of damage logic

    nope, it's not mentioned about AP or HE mechanism on bomber planes. i will put independence as a sample.. as seen on modules info.. the dive bombers able to damage 2480 max while the torpedo bombers able to damage 5900 max but in game the damage dealt from DB kinda smaller from what we expected.. maybe there's another player can relate to this too ? :3
  3. Arthur_Kirkland

    Dive Bomber lack of damage logic

    me and my friend still discussing about this.. how Bomb with a weight 500lbs (US standards) has a smaller damage than 1005lbs torpedo (US standards too). torpedo were able to damage 2k for each. and so here come the logical question.. can we buff dive bomber ? i think bomb can dealing damage 800-1000 minimum for each one. :'3
  4. Arthur_Kirkland

    Does autoaim exist?

    not needed. even when you meet with enemy in less 3km you'll need to adjust the aim ahead your target.
  5. Arthur_Kirkland

    Rock-Paper-Scissors Weekend Test Infographics!

    speaking about NDA, i saw a russian guy uploading wows gameplay video to his youtube. and to be honest, wows is a great works. the game itself is great so i will make a wish about the pub, i hope asia server's pub better than wot asia. you know asia is the most viral culture and language, it also develop a strange movement. on random battles, it becomes really random, you'll find many square on chat, and different mindset about moving with groups as most ppl call it by lemmings. > an option to mute chat from wot is a severe mistake, team really losing its communication, i hope this option not exist in wows. imagine you're in a war and cant even understand what the 'team radio' saying. the result is displeasure and stress about pubs. ended with phrase "i will move to NA or other server." (implying the ping is friendly enough lol). my suggestion is please be more concern about advicing players using english since its an international language, broken english (like mine) is better than squares. lol otherwise, please wg create an oceania or australia server, i'd be more glad spending time there than 'wasting' time on the most random server (refer to wot pubs). hahaaa, i still playing wot on sea (even its more rarely than last year) because i'm a masochist. but i dont think everyone would suffer more and maybe you can see a lot of ppl stop playing. even wg now commencing refer to friend program to promote world of tanks, i found its hard suggesting any of my friends to play on Asia server. that special program unfortunately become nothing. since wg has a generous and balancing game mechanics, it will be better if we can build a good pubs and community. wows has more prospect than wowp, please do your best . hahaha