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  1. xKOKONOEx

    1st of the IJNs :P

    At least WoWS has no derps... But then again... Torpedoes are kinda like derps...
  2. xKOKONOEx

    Rock-Paper-Scissors Weekend Test Infographics!

    Lol... Asia living up to our history =w=. Naval Warfare has always been a part of asia XD
  3. xKOKONOEx

    1st of the IJNs :P

    There was an NDA breach? @_@"
  4. xKOKONOEx

    WoWS Theme song

    Cause flying battleships are awesome.
  5. xKOKONOEx

    1st of the IJNs :P

    T^T Im not sure... Sorry shimakaze!!! But yeah i miss being back in KMMHS. Was more relaxing... well... kinda. Blessed be those touched by the grace of Maho, and blessed are those who do the work of Erika. We spread to them the message of german steel, and crush under our tracks the unbelievers.
  6. xKOKONOEx

    1st of the IJNs :P

    Hi derek! Ps was caught up in CW last night T^T... 30 day campaign no joke.
  7. xKOKONOEx

    What are you doing to get ready for WoWs

    Saving up on free exp, playing WoWS alpha, and reading all those naval warfare books i had... Because you never know if something you read could be useful =w=)b!
  8. xKOKONOEx


    I would really think crew would be nice to have, but i dont think there is a way to put an entire team's face represented by just one person... However, not having a crew would just feel really off... Maybe have crew teams? Like engineering crew, steering crew, weapons crew, Captain, communications crew... etc. Then just choose like one to head the crew, then he is the one that you get skills/perks on.
  9. xKOKONOEx


    Same, player Navy Field 1 and 2, and was a tester for 2... I wonder if we can tweak our torpedo shooting methods... because parallel torpedoes or even convergent torpedoes would have been great XD. I can hear the screams of battleship players in the distance...
  10. xKOKONOEx

    1st of the IJNs :P

    I need my Hamakaze... T^T