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  1. OneFitzableBoi

    AA Build - How to do?

    Hey guys! Just wanted to ask, what basis do you use when you build a ship onto AA? Do you look for specific AA DPS amounts? (far, medium, near). And is getting AA mod 1 (+2 explosions from long-range AA) really worth it? I've been wanting to build a ship for AA, but I don't know where to start, lol. Thanks in advance for all your help!
  2. OneFitzableBoi

    2019 Friedrich der Grosse assistance

    o7 My grind towards Tier X will be an honorable one, good sir!
  3. OneFitzableBoi

    2019 Friedrich der Grosse assistance

    To be fair though, the Bismarck really is still up there, once it's on a good captain that can handle a secondary build~ Just bow-on, steaming forward slowly, until you have the chance to broadside and just melt an opponent down as fast as you can. 😂
  4. OneFitzableBoi

    2019 Friedrich der Grosse assistance

    Oh alright, ahaha. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. OneFitzableBoi

    2019 Friedrich der Grosse assistance

    Alright, thanks very much for the info! I just had an incredibly lucky game yesterday, actually. Out of nowhere I could citadel RN Battleships at 14-12km. 😫 Noob question... but what does "fxp" mean? O_O
  6. OneFitzableBoi

    2019 Friedrich der Grosse assistance

    Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone could help out in telling me how to use the FDG properly. I know y'all can say that you can just Free XP off of it LOL, but I wanna work through it, especially since it we got the free week of premium (Thanks Wargaming!) 😂 And since it's been a little over a year since the latest FDG guide was talked about, I reckon we can get a little update, too. So yeah guys, maybe someone can shed some light on: How the FDG is best built in your experience (brawler, long-range, etc.) Best captain skills for the build it's on. Proper handling of the built ship during the stages of the game. And of course, any other info you can give on the big steamy boi 😂 PS: Some battleships are just soooooooo harder-hitting! Had a N.Carolina 1/3 my hp at 16km, and a Vladivostok do the same, too. AND SET ME ON FIRE! 😧
  7. OneFitzableBoi

    How to not suck at the Bismarck?

    Thanks a lot for the info, guys! I'll try to do that; maintain a proper engaging distance, and closing in to 10-8km~ when I'm certain I can take out a ship quickly. T-that is the main strategy in the secondary Bismarck, right? And how about for upgrades? I'm not sure what to put in the Bismarck. I mean, of course we'll mandatorily have SBM2, and DCSM 1. But how about upgrades like DCPM1 instead of MAM1? And would CSM1 be better than TASM1 since we need to get close enough for secondary action.
  8. OneFitzableBoi

    How to not suck at the Bismarck?

    Hey guys, I just got the Bismarck now, full-stock. Loved this ship even while reading about it while I was a kid, so I'm really hyped to get to play with it. But I seem to have a lot of trouble playing it properly. I've got a 13-point cap on it, built for secondary as of now (PM, AR, BoS, AFT, only MFCSA missing, will be spec-ing for durability after that). I can't even get proper salvos in! I've had some experience in brawling since I've read from the start that KM BBs were balanced in the game to be like that. But the higher you go in tiers, the closer to impossible it's become to get in and brawl properly. I mean... is it still even viable? I've had a T10 cruiser shave 22k off of me in a single salvo behind an island, GDI. Another DD gunboat was able to get the same amount by lighting me up with HE. I've had more fun with the Nurnberg even if it's a glass ship. I rarely get my account to premium unless I can dedicate time to play, so I end up using 4+ hours of Bismarck gameplay just bleeding my credits out trying to get me a decent first win. TL;DR YOUR Experiences with it, how you play the ship, upgrades, damn it even how to aim with the main guns properly, lol! I'll take any info I can just to make the Bismarck fun to play instead of being a showpiece in my account.