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  1. exter001

    Team damage rework

    I'm sorry for not reading alright? I guess it's bad to just enter the game without reading updates after a hard day of work.
  2. exter001

    Team damage rework

    Wait, they remove ally torp marker?
  3. exter001

    Team damage rework

    If it's 40 torps like you said then I'm ok with it.
  4. exter001

    Team damage rework

    So I've played a game in Friesland in a div. I decided to troll my divmates and shoot them. I noticed that it does no damage so i kept on shooting since I had a vague memory that WG removed team damage. Now i shot him until I got myself pink thinking that since there's no damage there's no penalty. After the game end, I notice I got no credits or xp at all. I'm not here to get my xp or credit lost back, what's done is done. What I'm here for is to tell people the amount of potential griefing this can cause. Imagine running all your signals and camo, then a random ship decide to park besides you so you couldn't shoot over, or made a torp run but friendly decides to do a 180 and cut your torpedo off. You lose all your signals and camo and get nothing in return. This is not a good way to go.
  5. exter001

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    Apparently nope still can't
  6. exter001

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    I already logged in...
  7. exter001

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    After I click world of warships in DMM player. 申し訳ございません、エラーによりページを表示できませんでした。問題が解決しない場合は、DMMサポートセンターまでお問い合わせください。 Translation- "Sorry, the page could not be displayed due to an error. If the problem persists, please contact the DMM Support Center." anybody know how to fix this?
  8. exter001

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    you need to create a new one lol
  9. exter001

    Destroy the BOTS and SAVE THE GAME

    Why are you punishing people who grinds Puerto Rico lol. #sarcasm
  10. exter001

    Destroy the BOTS and SAVE THE GAME

    I don't see the point of WG keeping the banning list a secret. The only thing it does is make players think WG didn't to **** to curb the numbers of bots in this game. If it's not a confirmed bot then sure keep it a secret. But if it's confirmed then what's bad about showing the name. On several occasions, I just starts up my game, remember that there are bots (and many other WG shenanigan), then close the game because WG is trying to destroy their own game.
  11. On the topic of dodging rocket, I'm both cv player and DD player.As a CV after a DD did that to me once, it's not gonna work twice and I've pretty much consistently hit a DD that does that to me ever after. The only technique I think mitigate the most damage is to turn hard onto one side, when the cv's going to shoot, hard turn to the other side (basically weaving just like how you dodge bullets). The only thing I would advice is to make yourself a hard target for the cv. You're not gonna get a lot of experience for it, but you're gonna occupy a lot of the cv's time and hope your ally is decent enough to carry the game.
  12. exter001

    Single player senario idea

    That would be hard. My friend have 1000+ games and he still doesn't understand that turning in towards torpedoes have higher chance of dodging the torpedo, not out. Even when I'm shouting at him in team speak.
  13. exter001

    CV haku AP bombs

    OP? , yes low skill?, no
  14. exter001

    [ichase] even he.........

    Do you know how to sarcasm?
  15. exter001

    [ichase] even he.........

    So because he have legitimate concerns/frustrations about being focused by CV which can happen to anybody (if the CV chose to), you call it BS? How do you know he's doing it for adsense money? What evidence do you have? I'm all for criticising CCs' opinion and voicing your opinion. But starting rumors and character assassination because you dislikes a person's opinion are disgusting.