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  1. exter001

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    I understand your feeling of frustration on this mechanic and wg lack of certain information on certain mechanic. You will be pink NO MATTER the amount of damage done to friendly if you last hit him. I can also say for certain that you can paint scrap your ally even though you're pink and still get out of the pink (yes, I've test it on my friend). So just let it go.
  2. exter001

    Modellers, show Hatsu some love!

    You mean the railing is different so that means lower resolution? How are you measuring your resolution? O_O
  3. exter001

    Consumable Resupply

    In my opinion, the price of using the premium consumables is to reduce the cool-down time of said consumables (at least to me). The extra charge is just a bonus. Just think of it as maintenance cost?
  4. exter001

    A Case for Inclusivity

    Maybe it would be a great idea to create a mentor/mentee system where a player of more than [insert number of battles] can sign up for. Then new player can ask to be that said player mentee (can be mentee only if he has less than [insert number of battles] under his belt). Both of them can get some minor rewards for playing together (3% increase in credit?) and if the mentee stats improve during [insert time period] (using the avg stat of ships as measure) then both of them can get a container or something as reward? This should increase the willingness for experienced player to teach new players and also bring out the "willing to learn" player out. Of course mentor can only have a limited number of mentee.
  5. isn't that due to the bad sigma of both Gneisenau and Bismarck?
  6. NO ONE TURN OFF THE FREEDOM CAMO!! I think you can turn off all other camo except the freedom ones tho.
  7. exter001

    Such a rip off!

    Yes, that would be a start and FYI containers does offer around 500-1000 coal. (At least I got my 600ish? coals from the "try your luck" one)
  8. exter001

    Carriers- how am I so unlucky?

    I've played both IJN CV and USN CV til t6 and not once have my IJN fighter win a 1v1 dogfight against USN fighter and vice versa on my USN. Are you sure that when you strafe, the enemy didn't strafe right after you? because that's what I do in my IJN carrier, bait the strafe, dodge, strafe back. As for the t6 AA, you just have to learn which ship you can strike and which you cannot. For strong AA ship, you can wait for friendlies to HE spam him then strike him when his AA is weakened.
  9. exter001

    Potato famine?

    There's no potato famine, they just migrate from t5 potatoes to t8 potatoes
  10. exter001

    Such a rip off!

    I think it's your grammar that need fixing, not his. Anyway, back to topic, I do agree the price on the signals are too high but the price on the premium ship is fine and should be kept high since it is buy once use forever.
  11. exter001

    Destroyer armor nerf (buff)?

    The thing is the whole vital section is the whole ship for a DD
  12. exter001

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    I know I am one ;D
  13. exter001

    should captureing rule be tweak a bit?

    I think I have to disagree. I feel that to encourage capping, you just need to add xp and credits earn for trying to cap, not only for successful cap but also for contesting and attempt caping. I don't mind if the reward is VERY low since it can be abused, at least have some way for players to see that they are doing something helpful. Make a counter (like for potential damage or spotting damage)like the amount of seconds a player is in a cap.
  14. exter001

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    1. They have fun with it (even at the cost of being ****ed). 2. They are trying their best to get better at it. 3. They want to take a break from other ship line. 4. They are CVs' nerd. I'm sure there's a lot more to your questions than this small list and I'm sure many will not be able to understand someones' reasoning, but that's just human.
  15. exter001

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    The best answer I could think of is, because they want to play it. The thing is, what rights do you have to stop them from doing things they enjoy, and what rights do they have to ruin what you enjoys. Where you draw the line, is up to you.