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  1. having no thought....... still a newbie......
  2. Am I reading it wrong or? So WG, it is a bug like a final mission of Duke of Yorck? buck up WG
  3. Kill 2 BB's and it registered but not the 75k XP task, will not played until they fixed it. Or is it WG is waiting for 100% XP to finished then it will accumulated?
  4. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Race III - PADD Jianwei

  5. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Race III - PADD Shenyang

  6. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    Just now i got 20 FTW camo, but no announcement from WG yet?. I mean about the winner?
  7. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    It seem the commentators expecting the EU team to win this outright but voilà!! (bias detected?)
  8. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Windows 10 Creator Update not compatible with WoWS?

    Working as intended. Thanks for the tip. Cheers
  9. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Windows 10 Creator Update not compatible with WoWS?

    Thanks, will try it. Display Driver is not the culprit because i have the latest.
  10. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Windows 10 Creator Update not compatible with WoWS?

    dang, maybe my WOWS is a bugger, trying for integrity check seem fine. WOT is playable though.
  11. After i am updating the Windows 10 to Creator Update there is an error like this, WOT Application Error (0xc0000005) but when i am reverting back to old Windows the problem seem gone. Just want to know if anyone have the same problem as mine. BTW mine is Windows 10 Pro
  12. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Update 0.6.3 General Feedback

    All the bug and glitch mentioned above happened to most of the players, and no one from WG got the balls to explain it in simple term, pls buck up or [content removed]! Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  13. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Chat Censor Still Broken

    will try it, gonna change the language to 555
  14. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Chat Censor Still Broken

    Hello and poi to all!. When players are complaining, and you expect us to wait for business hour to repair it?. Seem logical if the server if only online on business hours wherever there are, WG or their staff need to buck up, we do need an immediate solution but this is taking too long and it is really affecting gameplay. Please consider this just an advice from regular player.
  15. Dal_Ya_Nun

    Nickname Violation

    Davud1537, thanks for not answering my question and arguing about timeline here, it is March 8 2014 when the plane goes missing and i changed my IGN soon after that, and yes u are right. So if just for the sake of arguing about that please, i didnt want to prolong it man.