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  1. ​Post by World of Warship Page https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1125252684224426&id=160743397342031&refid=18&__tn__=C ​so SUBMARINE confirm?
  2. fallenriser

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    I5-4440 R9 270 (non x) Ram 4gb Psu 600watt B** vanguard (mobo.. I cant remeber what number) Brought 2014... Never vaccum. Lazy.. Lol Work fine.. But 5-7 month ago.. Sometime wows crash.. But now, wows never crash again. Hahaha
  3. fallenriser

    Sick of the constant +2 MM for tier 5

    So... Tier 5 mm with tier 7... Complain.. Unhappy Tier 5 mm with tier 3.. No Complain.. Happy Fight high tier give you more exp and credit..
  4. fallenriser

    Big shout out to all the potatoes

    So.. U just unlucky person.. Wrong time.. Wrong team.. Wrong ship.. Keep trying.. Hehe.. May luck be with you.. May good rng be with you
  5. fallenriser

    Graphics card necessary to run WoWs on max settings

    Max setting.. I5-4440 Ram 4gb R9 270 (non x) 30-50fps Your laptop... Hmm i don't..
  6. fallenriser

    So Sick of the Selfish CV Players on my Team

    Wat, cv secondary? Wat?..
  7. fallenriser

    20 air kills in a BB near impossible

    Go alone, and send your cordinate to enemy cv.. I did.. And manage to get 18 aircraft.. He got some damage on me, and i got his aircraft.. Good trade.. Hahah
  8. fallenriser

    How about

    Good Iowa shell travel faster.. Bad I need to rearrange my aim bcoz shell fall infront enemy ship even NC, damn hard to reaaim
  9. fallenriser

    My own experience: Do not ever get AFT on Nukeberg!

    19km, easy if you choice no brain BB or CA
  10. I grinding NC, but hard to maintain credit if sunk. 6M need to buy next hull. Then i use arkansas beta, repair below 10k, if u have good match u can earn 100++k credit witout premium
  11. fallenriser

    Flamethrower Boat

    Russian Destroyer Tier 7 ​Kiev. . . ​When she hit my beautiful ship, 90% it will burn my ship. I use NC, get hit and got 1 part burning, i ignore that, then she hit again 1 more part burning, use party damage control. ​Then she hit again, 2 part burn, again and whole my ship burning.. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ​20 second : Back to Dockyard.. ​then i change to german tier 5, i meet with kiev again, and she fire on me, result, ​fire burning fire burning fire burning.. And I save becoz Destroeyer deploy smoke.. Phew.. I like that ship.. Next time i use kiev i want burn some ship... Burn burn burn. Hahahahahahah (Evil Lough)
  12. ​​After grinding Colorado for almost 2 month (post-buff) i need 9k exp to get North Carolina. ​How to use this BB properly? Same playstyle with Colorado? ​Which equipment should I install? Secondary Battery good? Scout plane or fighter? ​AA module for more range?
  13. Premium ammo with increase penet? No.. My colorado always overpenet when my ammo hit tirpitz stern.
  14. fallenriser

    Topedo spamming by carriers

    Are you BB user? Then stay with cruiser.. Wait.. 20 torpedo? Are you kidding us? How can usn carrier get 2 squadron torpedo bomber.. And how ijn can lunch 20 torpedo bomber?