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  1. ak2047_2

    [Update] Battle of North Cape

    PLEASE FIX THE CAMPAIGN END TIME!!!The update on Jan 10 said the campaign will end on Jan. 19 22:00. However, the in-game counter indicated it will end on Jan. 18 06:00! WG, please fix your server for the campaign end time!!!
  2. I just found 2 bugs in 1. In minimap, the islands locations were randomly displayed! 2. After the end of game, the battle result screen is empty! I have not installed any mod in the game. It occurred only once in
  3. I am still collection Yamamoto campaign items at But today, I didn't find any such item after update of Does anyone has same issue?
  4. ak2047_2

    Public Test 0.6.9

    I want to know which tier IX-X battleship can receive 2500000 HP potential damage and survive in a battle?
  5. ak2047_2

    Is it a memory leaking problem?

    At the 8th game, it crashed. Memory reached at 2.60Gb. It is a result of accumulated memory usage from the beginning of game 1.47Gb to the point where all memory were used up. There was no release of memory during the games. Therefore, I suspect it is a memory leaking problem by the game. After the force quit of the game. Memory released back to 649Mb. Same as the level at the beginning before I start the game. After restart the game, it re-entered the previous crashed game until it finished. Memory raised to 1.88Gb. Similar to the level after the 1st game 1.96Gb from restart. And the memory buildup cycle will begin once again. At certain point, when the memory used up, the game will crash again. Does anyone have similar experience? Is it a memory leaking by the game? Any solution to tackle this problem? Thanks for your advice in advance!
  6. ak2047_2

    Is it a memory leaking problem?

    After the 5th game, memory stayed at 2.20Gb level. However, the last three games was playing the same map of Big Race. After the 6th game. Memory increased again to 2.29Gb. After the 7th game. Memory reached 2.35Gb. I considered this is the ceiling before crash.
  7. ak2047_2

    Is it a memory leaking problem?

    After the 2nd game, memory continue to increase to 2.06Gb. After the 3rd game, memory goes upto 2.16Gb. After the 4th game, memory jumped to 2.28Gb.
  8. ak2047_2

    Is it a memory leaking problem?

    I checked the memory before the game start and monitor the usage before and after each game all the way until it crash, force quit, restart and finished the crashed game. Before the game restart, the memory usage is 628Mb. 2936Mb available and 1461Mb unused. Loaded the game into the port but before any game start, memory increased to 1.47Gb. After the 1st game and back to the port, memory further raised to 1.96Gb. The game of Fubiki was the game played before the restart. Scharnhorst is the 1st game after restart. Supposed it should release the memory back to 1.47Gb after the game, just like I first entered into the port but it didn't.
  9. ak2047_2

    Is it a memory leaking problem?

    Issue: Memory leaking problem? Screenshots: see belowShip: AnyMap: Any, but the map NEIGHBORS will significantly speed up the problem more rapidly.Occurrences: Every few games since the patch 0.5.5 when in-game weather effects applied. Up to patch, the problem persists.Tested: Tested and re-occur.Severity: Game breaking. I played the game since Alpha, Closed Beta, Open Beta, and over 3500 games after official release. I have never encounter such a persisting problem of crash. I tried to change to Windows 10 (even worst), bought new display card, reinstall the game, reinstall all Direct X and runtimes, run all Windows updates (considered it may be my own issue). None of these work until one day I recognize the memory problem and I saw other players also posted similar recent crash problem in the forum of Asia, Europe and North America after the patch 0.5.5. Details: see below. Since there is a limit of images of each post. I will update the post until all images were uploaded. First of all, this is my computer specification: Intel i3 2120 Dual-core 3.3Ghz CPU, 4Gb DDR3 RAM (limit of 32bit Windows), nVidia GTX960 2Gb GDDR5 RAM with the latest driver Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 32bit, Comodo Internet Security Premium (anti-virus and firewall) In order to test this problem, I only opened the resource monitor (to check memory), Paint (after the game, I opened Windows Paint to save the screenshots, then I closed it before every game). Also, there is an anti-virus and firewall program standby during the test. Client: WOWS, settings: I changed all display settings and resolution to the minimum in order to use the minimal resource. Also, I turned off some audio options to minimize the resource. Graphics Audio Control
  10. I want to address that only tier 6 or above cruisers can use "Defensive AA consumable" except the tier 4 premium ship "Yubari". Tier 3 - 4 battleships, cruisers, destroyers have very little or non significant help to our team to defend aircrafts. When a CV calls for help to fight against incoming warplanes. There is not much we can do with 5 damages per second in 1.2km. For example, a Zuiho upgraded torpedo bomber squadron has over 1200 hit points, it will take 6 minutes to destroy it if it remains in 1.2km range. If the other team has a Zuiho and a Hosho, together with 4 torpedo squadrons, they can ruin our team no matter how well we try to play the game. Even if you can evade 1 torpedo attack, here comes another wave, the torpedos are all surrounding you by several squadrons. That's why I suggest to reduce the number of CV at low tier. I am not saying to remove all CV from the game.
  11. Case happened at Tier 3 -5 battles is high skilled CV player sink one of the other side CV at start, the remained CV cannot turn the tide against 2 CV. Sooner it will be sunk too. Then the balance between both sides will be even lower. Because the rest of ships will be attacked by 2 CV. Without efficient AA, there is no chance to win. Because of losing 2 CV, the low tier game balance is highly affected. If there is only 1 CV instead of 2, then the outcome will not be that serious than previous case.
  12. With different kinds of warship to play together is fun. However, at tier 3 - 5 where warships are lack of AA power, aircraft carriers becomes overpowered. Especially when one side carriers were sunk by the other one. There is nothing can stop the remained carriers. My suggestion is to limit 1 aircraft carrier on each side for tier 3 - 5 battles. Even if the carrier was sunk, the other side cannot be too dominated for the final results due to the aircraft back-and-forth flight time. The side which lost carrier can still buy some time to fight back and hopefully to break through. For tier 6 and above, the warships are well armed with AA weapons, the game can keep on to have 2 aircraft carriers on each side.
  13. ak2047_2

    Ship stuck on the map "Hotspot"

    Issue: A light destroyer stuck on the map "Hotspot" where parallel with the shore Screenshots: Ship: MahanMap: HotspotOccurrences: OnceTested: YesSeverity: mediumDetails: I was navigating on the map "". But I didn't crash on the island. The destroyer was afloat on the sea where it is parallel to the shore and stuck.