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  1. gothicyahn

    Is it just me?

    amd a10 7700k gigabyte gi sniper mobo 8gb ram r7 260x gpu western digital 1tb hdd before the update 0.5.5 i was able to load the game before the 20 sec countdown... so it means my cpu is not at fault but the game itself...hope the update tomorrow will fix this issue..other games im playing works a'ok...and i think i really don't need to buy an SSD just for this game...
  2. gothicyahn

    Is it just me?

    is it just me having trouble on the slow loading time entering battles?...before the 0.5.5 patch i was able to load before the 20sec but now it takes time to load for about 3-5 minutes just entering a battle... defragmented my computer many times...also tried downloading other defragmentation softwares...and also lowering my graphics to the lowest possible setting...but still nothing helps... i don't want to reinstall the full game coz my internet has data capping... freaking ridiculous right?...only in the Philippines...so please someone, anyone has an idea how to fix...help me...TIA Profanity. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  3. gothicyahn

    0.5.5 Slowed down my loading time! OAO

    having the same problem...someone knows how to fix this?
  4. gothicyahn

    Loading time post 0.5.5 is getting worse and worse

    have same problem so freaking annoying...and i dont play on a internet cafe...