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  1. makoja

    Clan Battles: "Narwhal" Season

    And!!! we not get 1 month premium as well. Now we have to choose either 1 month premium or 15k coal while previously we get 1 month premium and 2.2k steel, so, the reward should be 1month of premium and 22k of coal so we get the same emount of reward.
  2. makoja

    Torp fix....

    I found a way which may temporary metigate this. 1. Always aim far, the further from your ship you aim the less it will go wild. The best would be put your cursor where your enemy is but this not work if he really close. 2. Try not to fire at the edge of your torp angle. The closer to the center the less chance it will go wild. Ps. This may not work and it may just be a pure luck whether your torp is true to your aim or not.
  3. I think i might come up with a way to fix cv spotting. I called it variable time delay directional spotting. The concept is Aircraft can spot the ship only in the direrction where player is looking and within the air dectection range with time delay before spot depending on ship type ie 5 sec for DD 3 sec for CA\CL and 1 sec for BB\CV and the spotting last for 5sec once player look away with reduce time delay for ship that have been spot before like 3sec delay for DD that have been spotted within the last 20 sec etc. While maintain a normal spotting mechanic on ship that have fire it AA and fighter can only spot ship that firing it main gun or it AA. This should reduce cv spotting potential by a large margin but should still capable of spotting for the team. I know this is a whole new complex mechanic which will be very hard to applied and dev may already consider and drop it. If not then i hope you may take this in to consideration.
  4. makoja

    Important message for the community

    One thing i really want to see it gone is the techtree early access or at least please limit it to low tier only, as of now it purpose is to money grab only and it give no benefit to the game and actually make it worse as player can just skip the whole line to top tier with absolutely no idea how to play those ship which in turn make them bad at that ship and they are not going to be happy about it. It the same for every one els as well
  5. makoja

    Missouri Mission time limited

    I'm not defence wg but maybe the issue is in ui and not the mission setting, maybe they did set mission end date at the end of the world of 999999 CE but for some odd and wierd reason all mission date on the ui it self is link together so it won't show 999999 but the current year instead
  6. makoja

    I've been playing Z-46 recently

    Let me put up some arguments here. Rather than wait for enemy dd make a move first as you said. You better take the initiative and be the one who make a first move force him to play your game not you play in to his game. Aggressive capping not "suicide" will force enemy dd in to a cap as well and that will pin him down in an easy predictable position for you and your team to take advantage and if he not take the bait then it a free cap and you can hunt him down later. Another one is smoke, don't smoke your friendly early in the game. It won't last long enough and you might need it later on.
  7. PEF is the worst of all BB I try in Newport. Your gun will miss 8/10 time the rest won't get you the result that you expected. Her secondary is no where near enough to compensate. Only good thing about her is it easy to run up to izumo side at point blank range and then pray for rng so that your shell hit citadel.
  8. makoja

    Roast me!!!

    Both of you are smoking mino have HESH round not SAP or HE
  9. makoja

    "Our MM System does its best to make Fair Battles"

    I told same thing about how mm work in random in Facebook group a while back. You know what I get? They call be a wg boot licker and should not argue with.😢😢😢😢
  10. Impero was AL Littorio. They use that name to mask then upcoming collab.
  11. Don't speculated too much my friend, some time it a case of grass always look greener on the other side
  12. makoja

    how to do damage in DD

    How to deal damage in dd? It instinct and experience that you gain from playing and get good at this game, lot of it, you need it to predict where enemy will be so your torp will hit or to tell you when it safe to fire your gun. Don't use damage to indicate whatever you were good at dd or not it didn't tell how good you are as a dd player and as you getting better, the damage will come with it.
  13. makoja

    Destroy the BOTS and SAVE THE GAME

    If we actually have any other well know example that is. Another example that I can think of is last year wave of bot but that still gain alot of complain before it die down. All this happen because they do this in secret so we have absolutely no idea how many of bot they actually ban so far or what measure they take to fight bot. It wouldn't have so many complaints like this if they more open about what they do with this problem.
  14. Now that interesting. We have Italian ca that good at all range and British ca that bad at all range, I wonder what soviet ca will look like when finish lol.
  15. makoja

    Destroy the BOTS and SAVE THE GAME

    I wouldn't say wg is doing nothing about this issue, remember cn_70? The problem is cheer amount of bot that need to be verified. You can't ban anyone just because they sailed straight into the cap at the start of the match or sailing backward to the edge of the map even though you 99.99% sure it was bot, it still can be a really really bad player or impaired player. It didn't mean I side with wg, they can do much better than this and remember the best way to profit from bot is let them buy your stuff then ban them so they have to buy again. Cheer